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Zhu Lanxi: male, born in Hanting District of Weifang City, Shandong province,in November 1969. Chinese Communist Party member. Graduated from the Department of water conservancy and civil engineering of Shandong Industrial University. graduate diploma ... [Next]
Zhao Xuchun: male, born in Changle of Shandong, in April 1969. Graduate of CPC School of Shandong Province. The current Shouguang municipal Party committee deputy secretary of the CPC.municipal government mayor, Party secretary...[Next]
Administrative blocks

Shouguang has jurisdiction over 5 subdistricts : Shengcheng, Wenjia, Gucheng, Luocheng, Sunjiaji,9 towns:Daotian, Hou zhen, Jitai, Hualong, Shangkou, Tianliu, Yingli, Taitou, Yangkou ,and Shuangwangcheng Ecological Economic Zone, 975 villages, with a population of 113.94 million.
Shengcheng Subdistrict: Area of 68.2 square kilometers, Population 161900, 55 Neighborhood Committee, 28 Village Committee, postcode 262700, Codes for the administrative divisions 370783001.
Wenjia Subdistrict: Area of 68.2 square kilometers, Population 54000, 4Neighborhood Committee, 52 ...[Next]

Physical geography

Shouguang is located in the middle of shandong peninsula, the bohai laizhou bay south side. Across the east longitude 118 ° 32 '~ 119 ° 10', latitude 36 ° 41 '~ 37 ° 19'. Weifang hanting district east, the west guangrao county, south of qingzhou and instructor, the bohai sea in the north. Running 60 km, 48 kilometers wide, 56 kilometers long coastline, covers an area of 2072 square kilometers, accounting for 1.43% of the total area of the province. City is located in the southwest border, in north latitude 36 ° 52 ', longitude 118 ° 44 '. With the highway, railway across the country, the transportation is convenient. Linear distance: 400 km to Beijing, 165 km to jinan, 37.5 km to weifang, 31 km to qingzhou city, to 35.5 km ...[Next]


During the period of "11th five-year plan", Shouguang city finish a total of 102760 mu of land management projects, supporting the industrialization project of 8. It completes investment of 164.5705 million yuan, including superior financial free capital of 113.4465 million yuan. Project includes four categories: (1) transforming the middle-and-low-yielding fields 51,760 mu. Investment of 36.14 million yuan, including the central fiscal capital of 14.82 million yuan, provinces and cities of fiscal capital of 10.83 million yuan, the county level matching funds of 2.97 million yuan, self-raised funds of 7.52 million yuan. These finance involving five town one field: the camp town 10000 mu, 0.076 mu slips town ...[Next]