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Fighting against flood control with the belief of winning

Update:   2020-08-06 Source:   en.shouguang.gov.cn Close Print

  On the evening of August 5, the city's flood control work scheduling meeting was held to re arrange and re deploy the current flood control work, mobilize the whole city to quickly enter the wartime state, and make preparations for the prevention of heavy rainfall, so as to ensure no problems. Zhao Xuchun, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Lin Lixing, Wu Zhiqiang, Li Yongguang and other municipal leading group members attended.

  According to the forecast of the meteorological department, affected by the warm and humid airflow and cold air at the edge of the subtropical high, it is estimated that there will be a heavy rain weather process from the early morning of the 6th to the 7th in our city. There will be heavy rain in the whole city. The average precipitation in the process is 60-100 mm. In some areas, it is more than 150 mm, and some parts can reach 250 mm. The maximum hourly rainfall intensity is 60-80 mm.

  Zhao Xuchun demanded that the whole city should attach great importance to their ideological understanding, and never have the slightest fluke mentality and enter the wartime state in an all-round way. To do a good job in flood control work as a major political task to grasp, the city's party committees and governments at all levels, all flood control organ cadres and village cadres should be on duty, everyone into a state of confrontation, ideological attention should be paid, measures should be implemented and implemented again, rapid response, efficient operation, with a decisive attitude to do a good job in the prevention of heavy rainfall.

  .Zhao Xuchun demanded that the safety of the masses should always be the first priority in flood control. All villages should organize personnel to inspect the housing safety of key groups, such as poor households and five guarantees, to ensure the safety of the masses during the flood season. For the resettlement areas of relevant villages in our city, special personnel should be assigned to be on duty 24 hours a day to do a solid job in flood control. All enterprises should quickly make preparations for flood control, ensure that personnel and materials are in place, and effectively improve the drainage capacity of enterprises. It is necessary to improve the ability of personnel to operate flood prevention and rescue equipment, and ensure the safe operation of equipment. The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision should strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the implementation of flood control work in place.  

  Li Yongguang, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, presided over the meeting and put forward requirements for flood control related work.

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