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Firmly win the battle of reexamination and evaluation

Update:   2020-08-11 Source:   en.shouguang.gov.cn Close Print

  On August 10, the Municipal Conference on promoting the construction of a national civilized city was held to specially dispatch the review and evaluation work, find and analyze the problems, schedule the promotion measures, and mobilize the confidence and determination of all levels to win the decisive battle and review the evaluation. Before the meeting, the participants visited Si Ji Hua Yuan, Xian dai Jia yuan community, Bing fen Wu zhou, Jiuxiang building materials market, Dongsheng Road and other places for on-site inspection. Zhao Xuchun, Wu Zhiqiang, Li Yongguang and other municipal leading group members attended.

  According to the meeting, municipal leading bodies and departments at all levels should fully understand "the hardships of creating a brand, the importance of keeping a card, and the consequences of losing a license" from the political and overall perspective, firmly establish the problem orientation, goal orientation and result orientation, sort out the problems and shortcomings according to the evaluation standards, pay close attention to the rectification and implementation, and spare no effort to do a good job in all work to ensure the success of the review.

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