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Gathering resource elements to realize the new development of western urban area

Update:   2020-09-01 Source:   en.shouguang.gov.cn Close Print

    On August 31, Zhao Xuchun, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, went to Wenjia street to dispatch the construction of key projects, understand the project development plan, target orientation and promotion measures in detail, and coordinate and guide the difficulties and problems existing in the project. 
    Zhao Xuchun successively went to Tianli pharmaceutical's 40000 ton VcNa, Yuma raised investment and polymer sunshade materials, Quanfuyuan commercial complex demolition, ChuanHua highway port and other project sites, and earnestly listened to the reports of enterprise leaders on project construction promotion, key technology research and development, product market efficiency, operation and development planning, etc. Zhao Xuchun pointed out that project construction is an important engine to promote economic and social development and realize the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. Enterprises should strengthen efficiency orientation, clarify time nodes, scientifically organize and get up energy and improve sense of urgency and push forward stubble pressing, so as to accelerate the progress of project construction with greater strength, stricter standards and higher level.  
    Zhao Xuchun stressed that Wenjia street should pay close attention to the integration of resource elements, guide Tianli pharmaceutical, Yuma sunshade and other key enterprises to focus on the development frontier, seize the development opportunity, improve the industrial support capacity, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial projects. We should focus on logistics projects, logistics platforms and automobile industry, gather service formats such as automobile industry chain, high-end cold chain logistics, commercial supermarket + characteristic commercial street complex, and strive to promote the new prosperity of Xicheng commercial logistics. We should take the "double recruitment and double introduction" as the driving force, take the chain cultivation and talent introduction as the starting point, accelerate the implementation of high-tech project recruitment, and vigorously cultivate new economic growth points. It is necessary to be bold in taking responsibility and acting actively, concentrate on projects and development, and spare no effort to promote key projects and key projects related to people's livelihood projects, so as to provide effective support for the high-quality economic development of the whole city.

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