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Change the style of work and win the hundred day battle

Update:   2020-09-21 Source:   en.shouguang.gov.cn Close Print

    In September 19th, the municipal government held a mobilization meeting for the opening class of the theoretical learning center group in 2020 and the hundred days' battle to tackle tough problems in September 19th. We thoroughly studied and carried out the important speech and instructions of the general secretary Xi Jinping, and the spirit of the central, provincial and Municipal conferences. The work style of the whole city should be changed again, and the work should be strengthened again. We should make full efforts to tackle the key problems. We should do our best to push forward the implementation of the 100 day battle to ensure the successful completion of the annual goals and tasks, and strive to create a new situation of high-quality development. Zhao Xuchun, Li Peng, Lin Lixing, Wu Zhiqiang, Li Yongguang and other municipal leading group members attended. 
    Zhao Xuchun, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, pointed out that, since this year, facing the impact and challenges brought by the novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to the decision-making and deployment of the provincial and Weifang key work year, the whole city coordinated the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. All the work showed a steady and positive trend, showing the spirit and excellent style of Shouguang cadres who dare to fight and win and strive for the first-class. There are still about 100 days left before the end of the year to complete the annual tasks and goals, to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects and to bring the ‘13th five year plan’ to a successful conclusion. All departments at all levels should open the way by rectifying their work style, ensure that they can tackle key problems in a hundred days with a fine style of work, work hard for 100 days, and make a decisive battle and a successful conclusion.
Zhao Xuchun demanded that the rectification of ideological style should focus on the following ten aspects: We should solve the problem of mental state. Party members and cadres should always maintain a strong fighting spirit, and be highly responsible for every work they handle with a lot of efforts and enthusiasm, so as to be first-class and do the utmost. We should solve the problem of standard state. Each town and block should make a comparative contribution in the development, comprehensively enlarge the advantages, cultivate the characteristics, and truly realize the directional development; all departments and units should strive for projects, funds and policies, and really promote the high-quality development of the whole city by "striving for the first-class" in all fields and levels. We should solve the problem of not being responsible. Members of the municipal leading group should take the lead to grasp the timeliness of the work in charge and do it thoroughly. At the same time, they should firmly establish the idea of integration of the whole city, further enhance the sense of service, and jointly handle the city's affairs well. All towns, districts and departments should take the initiative to recognize and be fully responsible for the problems in their own areas and fields, so as to truly form a joint force. We should solve the problem of low work efficiency. Vigorously carry forward the style of rapid response, in accordance with the requirements of provincial and Weifang key work year, compared with the key work of the whole city, comprehensively carry out a look back, win fast speed with high efficiency, and exchange rapid development with fast rhythm.We should solve the problem of weak sensitivity. We should always maintain a high degree of political sensitivity, be meticulous and practical, and do a good job in reviewing the national civilized cities, improving the rural living environment, and tackling poverty, so as to ensure that there are no problems. We should solve the problem of not taking on the act. We should resolutely overcome the fear of difficulties and worry, dare to go up in front of challenges, dare to manage them in front of contradictions, and dare to break through in front of risks, and strive to overcome a number of difficulties and make them a batch of major events. We should solve the problem that the work can not be solved. Each town, district and department units shall focus on the work within the branch, repeatedly grasp and grasp them in detail, so as to achieve real deployment, supervision and results. We should solve the problem of "ability panic". We should pay attention to the concept, mode and method of learning, and achieve the following: to do one line, drill one line and to improve one line; further explore the methods and methods, and accurately grasp the training of Party members and cadres, and improve the ability of tackling difficulties in all aspects. We should solve the problem of keeping the old. The districts and departments in various towns and departments should boldly explore and dare to try, solve the problems with the reform thinking and innovative methods, focus on the key areas such as innovation and promotion of "Shouguang mode", "double recruitment and double introduction", and administrative examination and approval system reform, and continue to deepen system innovation and process reengineering, and vigorously launch a number of Shouguang experiences and Shouguang paths that are known in the whole province and even the whole country. We should solve the problem of not following the rules. The supervision committee of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection shall strengthen the investigation and secret visits, and focus on investigating and handling a number of behaviors that are not responsible, inaction and dishonest; the majority of Party members and cadres shall stand in front of the discipline rules, strictly regulate their words and deeds, control the details and sections, and strive to create a political ecology with a clean and upright atmosphere. Zhaoxuchun stressed that the districts, departments and cadres of all towns and departments and cadres of Party members should carefully check, list account and resolutely rectify the problems in "ten aspects", and strive to push forward the key tasks with great improvement of style and efficiency, and effectively reflect the effectiveness of style construction in the work. We should put the rectification of style of work and the achievements of the 100 day hard work in the construction of beautiful and livable countryside. We have always adhered to the people centered development thought, and constantly enhanced the sense of access, happiness and security of the masses. The results of rectifying the style of work and tackling the key problems for a hundred days should be reflected in the project construction. Key projects shall be provided with "one-on-one" special service to ensure the project in progress can be put into operation as soon as possible; the working mechanism of "elements follow the project", "not meet for approval", "take the land and start the project" shall be improved to start construction as soon as possible; a municipal leading package and a special class shall be implemented for the new large projects to be implemented, and all-weather, chain and whole process package services shall be provided 。 
    The results of rectifying the style of work and tackling key problems in a hundred days should be reflected in the "double recruitment and double introduction". We will increase the work scheduling of "double recruitment and double Recruitment", establish a regular recruitment mechanism, and recruit a number of high-end talents and high-quality projects as soon as possible. The results of rectifying the style of work and tackling key problems in a hundred days should be reflected in striving for the first place. With the positioning of "striving to climb and bravely strive for the first class", Weifang will be the first in various work, the province will be in the forefront, and the whole country will be striving for the advanced; we will continue to consolidate and deepen the pattern of poverty alleviation, and carry out a series of activities of poverty alleviation day to ensure the smooth completion of the assessment and acceptance. Efforts should be made to improve the environment for development. We will continue to focus on safety production, tackling key problems in environmental protection, social harmony and stability, financial risk management and control, optimization of business environment, assessment and acceptance of civilized cities, and constantly optimize and improve the development environment. 
    Zhaoxuchun stressed that the completion of the five indicators system, including rural revitalization, project construction, double recruitment and double introduction, year-end assessment and business environment, should be taken as the standard for the rectification of inspection style and the achievement of 100 day hard work. Meanwhile, supervision and inspection should be strengthened to check the rectification situation and the completion of five indicators as the key points of supervision. 
    Li Peng, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Party group of the municipal government, presided over the meeting and stressed that all towns, districts and departments should earnestly improve their standing positions, do a good job in publicizing and interpreting the spirit of the meeting through multiple channels, and create a good atmosphere of "100 days of hard work and decisive victory in the city". We should make full use of the theoretical study class of the municipal Party committee, deepen the understanding of chemical thinking and practice, find answers, paths and methods in the study, and strive to achieve the "double promotion" of ideological understanding and work efficiency. At the same time, we should closely combine with the rectification of ideological style, comprehensively investigate and solve problems from the aspects of performing duties and ideological roots, find out the crux of the problem, and resolutely stop all kinds of unhealthy trends and evils. We should closely follow the goals and tasks, earnestly shoulder the responsibility of promoting high-quality development, fully practice the enterprising spirit of "striving to climb, bravely strive for the first-class" and the sense of responsibility of "three cadres and three innovations". We should focus on the construction of beautiful and livable villages, the improvement of living environment and poverty alleviation. We should comprehensively speed up the construction of 59 key projects, continue to tackle the "double recruitment and double introduction", optimize the business environment, and never break down Regardless of the achievement of the set year-end comprehensive assessment target of Weifang, we will continue to optimize the harmonious and stable development environment, and strive to win the hundred day battle. It is necessary to strengthen supervision and inspection, regularly report the progress, and ensure that each work has division of labor, implementation, progress and effectiveness. 

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