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Intangible Cultural Heritage
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   Shouguang "non-material cultural heritage" of traditional folk literature and art has a long history and wide range of activities, rich contents, various forms. Colorful folk culture and art both not only have popular "moon palace figure", "lantern dance" and "lion", "sea", "run donkey", "stilts", "yangko", "waist drum", "HuaGun", "art floats", etc., and but also through the way of "KouChuanXinShou" inherited from folk songs, opera, stories and proverbs, etc. Since 2006, the city attaches great importance to the protection of intangible cultural heritage census form the survey team and sets up the heritage protection center, equipped with facilities, formed a team,  and sets up the precious heritage archives library, information database, physical display hall, and sets up 23 non-material cultural heritage inheritance base, established as the non-material cultural heritage census database. In the city, here is gathering non-material cultural heritage resources clues more than 1500, on a preliminary survey of nearly 300 projects carefully screening, finishing more than 100 key projects.
   In July 2008, by the expert group review, published by the people's governments of shouguang, "changjie make a legend", "moon palace" are as the first batch of intangible cultural heritage list 40; In July 2010, approved by the expert argumentation,  people's government announces the intangible project "shouguang ballad", "traditional shouguang vegetable cultivation skill" and "life etiquette custom" as the second batch of non-material cultural heritage list of 20 items. The exhibition is held in changan folk village folk folk works and old life production equipment hundreds, covering the clay sculpture, paper cutting, illustrious tag, straw, copper and other many folk customs physical. Weifang people's government in 2007 announces the folklore changjie untouched legends, folk dance "moon palace figure 2 item for the weifang first batch of intangible cultural heritage list.
   In 2008, it publishes "the emperor put his ideas into the legend of the giant lake", "traditional brewing craft hongyuan liquor", "qi big feast cooking skills", "shouguang salt tradition", "the king tiger chicken", "lambs offering sea festival", "sea" seven projects, which becomes weifang's second batch of non-material cultural heritage list. Then it releases "the birds pay homage to the king", "shouguang ballad", "shouguang etiquette custom", "lotus yangko", "grass treadmills straw skills", "dragon lantern Zhang home copper art", "fang lu cage manufacture technique", "Chai Zhuang soil makes skill" eight projects which becomes weifang the third batch of non-material cultural heritage list. At present, the weifang municipal intangible cultural heritages in folk literature, folk dance, folk craftsmanship, folk belief, life custom 5 major categories, a total of 17. In 2009, the shandong provincial government announces the shouguang intangible project "moon palace figure", "sea", "traditional brewing craft hongyuan liquor", which becomes provincial intangible cultural heritage list. "The sea", "the moon palace figure", "lotus yangko" birds pay homage to the king and other projects, have been developed as a unique popular forms of tourism culture, often showed in the cultural activities.