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General situation of Shouguang
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   【 summary shouguang cultural radio and television news and publication, is the head of the municipal government of the city's culture and arts and cultural relics department. In February 2010, the reform of cultural system, culture, radio and television bureau, press and publication administration office to merge, form the shouguang cultural radio and television news and publication, use, the copyright office. Administrative preparation of 13 people, one equipped with director and deputy director of the 2, 5 section chief. The existing administrative personnel 24 people, business personnel 76 people. ChanYeKe existing office, the finance, culture, art, culture, cultural market management section, press and publication, radio and television, cultural relics, regulations and other functional departments.
   There are cultural center, Beijing Opera troupe of 2 units, libraries, museums, art workshop, lambs cultural center, four GuJi institution. In recent years, it adheres to the scientific development concept as the instruction, taking the national civilized city as the gripper, striving to build "cultural city" construction, vigorously implementing the strategy of "cultural xing city", constantly accelerating the construction of cultural facilities, perfecting carrier of public cultural services, innovating business industry, highlighting the cultural resources advantage into industrial competitiveness, to achieve the balance of the urban and rural cultural development and public cultural services.
    Shouguang successively wins 30 provincial and national honor: the national cultural advanced county, Chinese couplets culture city, shandong province city of spiritual civilization, cultural information resources sharing project demonstration county of shandong province, shandong cultural information resources sharing project construction and services advanced unit, the culture system of shandong province advanced collectives and advanced collective farm house construction in shandong province, shandong province hundred outstanding farm house, focus on the protection of ancient books unit of shandong province, shandong province science and technology culture of health "a program under which officials activity" advanced unit, the shandong province rural film screening advanced unit, the national level cultural center, national library.