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The cultural industry development
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   Culture industry development based on reality, focusing on developing some benifit, strong advantage of the cultural industry projects. In order to promote the development of the city's cultural industry, it takes cultural square as the platform. In 2007 it cooperates ShangWenHua Beijing network communication co., LTD, foundingd the shouguang visual culture co., LTD., and other units, which realizes the network with provincial, national, produce and increase the local content, becoming county of the province's first film with network platform. Through cooperation, investment promotion and capital introduction, it opens the cultural square film supermarket, grand theatre, cultural sites, art training, gym, Internet cafes, galleries more than ten projects. Successively it supports the development of the ten million yuan project 3, building the province's first-rate "house banquet" big clubs, music square, shenhua business hotel, etc., initially forming the scale of the cultural industry chain development.
   In March 2008 with a total investment of 890 million yuan of software park construction, it has 83 institutions such as the United States, Hong Kong, Microsoft yi road cable group, Beijing source technology co., LTD., etc in domestic and overseas enterprises, research institutes, institutions for training. It has more than 600 employees, becoming service outsourcing demonstration base in shandong province and shandong province cultural industry demonstration base. Many cultural industry projects have descended on the city cultural center such as Shouguang song concert hall, China art museum, high standard 3 d cinema, radio, film and television art academy, the central music institute employs shouguang training base.
   The city's existes book retailing unit 28, 42 audio-visual products and retail units 3 electronic publications retail units, 134 printing enterprises, including a publication distributing entity 2, 39 enterprises for package and decorating of printed matters and other printed matter printing enterprise 13, typing photocopying unit 80, employees 2400 people. Folk craft industry includes wood carvings, handicrafts, stone material craft, vegetables, handicrafts, toys and characteristics of cultural enterprises 39, including individual industrial and commercial households 12, a limited liability company's 19, 1 natural person sole proprietorship enterprises, enterprise six, collective enterprises one. Cultural tourism in the city has a total of 9 travel agencies and foreign-related hotel, hotel 3.
   It builts a provincial, 3 municipal cultural industry demonstration base. It takes river ecological agriculture sightseeing garden, public fitness stadium, Mr Khodorkovsky international canoe as the importance places of east river culture industry area; it takes SanYuanZhu village as southern ecological agriculture sightseeing belt; it takes Centered on agricultural product logistics park in the west of the leisure entertainment industry area and Marine culture, including sea culture about sea sea sightseeing, salt culture about  double city ruins of salt , ecological culture about beautiful museum park, red cultural tourism industry about the giant lake lake. At present, the city for examination approves 23 developed animation company, developing all kinds of literature and art training sites more than 200. It has been built Antaeus, digital movie 8 groups of the new century and realized the animation, film, art training industry, such as cultural tourism culture industry scale development.
   In 2008, the city of popular culture industry development co., LTD. Is named "shandong province cultural industry demonstration base" by shandong province cultural department officially ; In December 2008, the city culture work is awarded the kite culture by weifang municipal party committee municipal government. In 2009, cultural industry software park, shouguang beautiful ecological museum park are named weifang cultural industry demonstration base. Shouguang cultural radio and television news bureau in 2010 is named the provincial advanced cultural industry collective culture system.