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Protection of cultural heritage
Publish:2016-01-30 Close Print
   "Cultural heritage". In recent years, Shouguang city continuously strengthens the protection of cultural relics, successively introducing the opinions about “strengthening the management of cultural relics and cultural sites”, "shouguang detailed rules for the implementation of the protection of cultural relics" and a series of policies and measures for the protection of cultural relics. After the commissioning of the new museum, it strengthens the collection of cultural relics of institutionalization, standardization management, the implementation of the collection of cultural relics protection effectively. It implements the "four haves" cultural relics protection units and the "three position" management of collection of cultural relics, implemented officially protected, key cultural relics and sites protection. Cultural relics reserve increases year by year.
   Making full use of regional advantages, it further highlights the characteristics of the cultural relics protection, development and utilization. It has the construction of the vegetable museum, museum of stone, maritime museum, museum of wine culture, paper and other unique cultural museum of cultural relics protection. Historical culture research is fruitful. In cultural outreach work, it highlights the agriculture, salt and wine culture research, the double chow tai salt city reservoir site survey report, the shouguang try Hu Ying site after digging report 7 academic article published in the national professional journals;
   It edits and publishs "qi art exam", "the hometown of shouguang changjie bosom friend", "jia sixie tzu chi" batch of cultural books; It is hold the forum every year for domestic and foreign relevant experts, continuing to expand with the domestic and international exchanges of cultural relics protection units. Double city salt site 2008 is named the national top ten archaeological discoveries, winning the national prize for the field of archaeology. In April 2010, in collaboration with national, provincial administration of cultural heritage, it undertakes the international symposium on "the Yellow River delta salt archaeological"; completes the shouguang history, celebrities, such as cultural relics digital multimedia production, pictures, which enhances the publicity effect.