Scenic spots of Vegetables Exhibition
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   The Kingdom of Vegetables
   Vegetable is culture, and planting is arts.
   Colourful flowers reflected into new graceful scenes.
   Delicate and clear grand view garden is swaying in blue waters.
   Roaming in the glamorous ever-green garden,
   Like gliding in the brilliant scenes.
   Numerous colours become body language,
   Dancing there gracefully,
   Seeming to listen and smell.
   Vegetable fair is like the calling card of Shouguang.
   When the willow catkin is floating with the wind in april,
   When the flowers are blooming in spring,
   This charming land will be dancing together,
   A splendid symphony of struggling will be composed synchronically.
   The land in Shouguang is fertile enriched by Mihe river. It is suitable for planting vegetables in ancient history, and there are description in detail in the book Important Arts for the People’s Welfare. “The leek is the best among all kinds of vegetables”,it has been served as tributes in palaces from Ming dynasty to Qing dynasty.
   Inheriting the civilizations of thousands of years, diligent and intelligent people create many miracles, among which is the invention of winter-warmed solar system green-house by Wang Leyi, an ordinary farmer in Shouguang. And then put it into nation-wide use. It shifted the history of no vegetables in winter in North China, more important it made the dreams of enrichment become true.
   Named as “the Land of vegetables of China ”by our nation, it has 800,000 mues green-vegetable planting base, more than 400 advanced techniques from all over the world, and 2,000 more varieties of vegetables. The annual vegetable fair is like a splendid green movement.