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   Dear friends at home and abroad:
   Shouguang City is located in the north-central Shandong Peninsula, the south of Laizhou Bay of Bohai Sea, with a total area of 2072 square kilometers, 14 towns and streets, 1 Ecological Economic Zone, 975 administrative villages, a population of 1070000,called by  " countryside of chinese vegetable"  and " capital of chines sea salt ".
   Shouguang has a long history, outstanding people. The county was founded in 148 BC.More than 150 ancient cultural relics has been found, including Beixin,Dawenkou,Longshan,Shuangwangcheng,etc. Shouguang has been  the capital of Zhenguan Prince of  Xia Dynasty and JI Prince of Xizhou Dynasty. According to history,chinese words inventor Cangjie made Glyph here, some outstanding figures,like Gongsun Hong,Wang Meng,Ren Fang,etc,the first agriculture works of the world “QiminYaoshu” was written here by Jia Sixie.
   In recent years, under the correct leadership of  CPC Central Committee,Provincial Party committee,Weifang Municipal Party committee, based on the actual situation of Shouguang, we continue to emancipate the mind, with the pragmatic innovation spirit, to promote the economic and social development, has received many honorary titles: "China Excellent Tourism City", "National garden city", "National Health City", "China financial ecological cities", etc.determined by the central government as one of the "30th anniversary of reform and opening up the national 18 major typical" cities, become the only "China Habitat Environment Prize" and "UN Habitat Award" of the county-level city along the Areas in the North of Yangtze River. Especially since the beginning of this year, we take the initiative to adapt to the development of the "new norm " ,in order to construct  “quality Shouguang”, and to create ” better life "l, adhere to focus on long-term, innovation driven, urban and rural development, eople-oriented, rule of law, the social economy continues to maintain the good momentum of development. 
   In recent years, under the correct leadership of  CPC Central Committee,Provincial Party committee,Weifang Municipal Party committee, adhere to the scientific concept of development, deepen the integration of urban and rural construction, Striving to be the vanguard of scientific development. Comprehensively promote the planning, industry, construction, culture, people's livelihood, Party building. Try to develop a new way of scientific development, the first development, harmonious development and balanced development. Received the honorary title of "China Excellent Tourism City", "national garden city", "national sanitary city", "national environmental protection model city", "China financial ecological cities", "China's reform and 10 county city" and "China Habitat Environment Award" and so on.
   Shouguang people warmly welcome friends at home and abroad coming for  invest ing, sightseeing, cooperating. Let us work together on shared goals, Let us work together for a better future!
   Welcome to Shouguang !