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Adult education

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   【 summary There is existing 14 adult culture technology school, 3 community adult education center in the town street. Since 2006, they have totally trainned 560000 farmers and enterprise employees, have published 160000 technology newspaper and 15000 science and technology paper. They went to the countryside to broadcast technology videoes more than 500, 25000 visitors watched. In the new age, the main task of the adult education is to carry out all kinds of practical technical training and to  train the rural labor transferfarmers.
   【Open the science and technology information service network of adult education We opened the science and technology information service network of adult education, using the website to deliver timely information on policies and regulations, science and technology, the training dynamic information and the experience exchange; we open the adult education Faculty library center,  have involved a total of 445 professional in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, computer and other categories, implements the job into teachers' resource sharing, further improved the ability and level of the service "three agriculture".
   【Position of adult education integrative development Vigorously implement the integrate agriculture. Rural adult education fully combined with lots of professional knowledge of agriculture, science and technology department, close to the local actual and at the same time give full play to their own advantages to implements the synchronization service. Connecting with agriculture department, relying on high-tech agricultural demonstration garden, do a good job in shouguang pollution-free vegetables development, experiment and extension of new varieties; Shouguang connected with Shouguang wanfan flowers, green flowers and many plants and other department to conduct market research and develop new products; Also by associating with pku spark for shanxi, qinghai, xinjiang rural youth leaders held Vegetables greenhouses workshops such as agricultural science and technology knowledge, the economic construction and social development has played a positive role.
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