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Vocational and technical education

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   【 summary shouguang now has 171 medium school, including one full-time undergraduate course colleges and universities (weifang institute of science and technology) , 5 ordinary high school, 5 vocational schools, 34 junior high school, 125 elementary school, one special education school, 187 kindergartens. Shouguang has 203000 students, including 29754 kindergarten students, 68627 primary school students, 49264 junior high school student, 18215 ordinary high school student people, 145 deaf students, 11921 vocational school student, 24627 full-time students in weifang institute of science and technology. The city now has more than 12000 staff, including nine national model and excellent teachers, 3 provincial grade teachers, 29 provincial excellent teachers, 1 qilu teacher, 2 qilu teacher for construction project, 12 weifang special-class teacher. Shouguang was successively appraised as the national "two basics" advanced city, national vocational education advanced city, national advanced city, the province for early childhood education, quality education advanced city, the provincial education work model, the art education advanced work in the city. In 2010, the ministry of education minister-LuXin and Li wei-hong minister research shouguang education work, gave high evaluation for the city's thought vocational education and basic education.
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