Chinese food headquarters base and vegetable belt core project
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   1.The project name: Chinese food headquarters base and vegetable belt core project
   2.Project unit profile:
   Sun Guji street is located in the southwest of shouguang, is the southwest gate of shouguang, north 6 km away from downtown, "river in the east, west to qingzhou, beautiful scenery, a beautiful environment, is the birthplace of greenhouse vegetables, countries have been named as" the first town of greenhouse vegetables in China ".
   Ji station town is located in the southern end of shouguang shouguang is south, southeast and ChangLe photograph adjacent, southwest and adjacent qingzhou, 12.5 km north of shouguang city. The whole town covers an area of 90 square kilometers, there are river across from the south to the north, and with Sun Guji streets and holy city street line. Ancient town is GuJi countries ji. "JiGuo city" is located in the ji station village of the township government is located, as the provincial key cultural relics protection unit. Since the spring and autumn period, has destroyed the discipline to the eastern han dynasty, after a political seat for all previous dynasties, accumulate rich culture.
   3.The content and the construction scale of the project:
   Project is located in Sun Guji streets, ji town, covers an area of 255 square kilometers, the construction content for intelligence headquarters office, rural characteristics of low density office, vegetables theme exhibition, Chinese vegetables planting technology research and development center, Chinese vegetables, vegetable breeding base, vegetable seedling base, intelligent vegetable planting demonstration garden, organic vegetable base, etc.  
   4.Project construction conditions:
   Shouguang support from the "township of vegetables", "vegetable basket" to the "capital of Chinese vegetables" "characteristic industrial city" transformation, promote the shouguang vegetable industry bigger and stronger, perfectly, from agricultural commodities grow heavy transactions, by "growing" into research and development, service, management and standards, and lead to shandong province as the main body of the north China advantage area to become the world's largest, specializing in the production of vegetable.
   5.the total project investment and financing source
   The project total investment 30 billion yuan.  
   6. market and the forecast of economic benefit analysis
   Shouguang development become China's largest specializing in the production of belt core of vegetables.  
   7.preferential policies
   (1)enjoy the related preferential policies of the development of agricultural from shouguang, weifang city, shandong province;  
   (2)enjoy the shouguang investment promotion and capital introduction of major projects such as "one project one discussion" personalized preferential policies.

   8.The method of cooperation:
   Contact information:
   Contact unit: shouguang China merchants
   Contact phone: 0536-5105692
   The true: 0536-5105690