Shouguang software park
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   Shouguang software park covers an area of 812 mu, and now planning construction area is 380000 square meters, has invested 590 million yuan, complete the construction area of 260000 square meters. Among them, the hatch, convention and exhibition center, animation tower building, call center, software sales center, science and technology research and development base, software evaluation center, information center, business service center has delivered; Software talents apartment 14 multi-storey units has been delivered, 3 high-rise has started to been decorated. Investment of 130 million yuan RMB with a construction area of 38000 square meters of shandong peninsula blue economic engineering institute and cultural creative building under construction. Building upgrade animation cluster rendering platform, motion capture public technology platform, and cloud computing centers, such as the culture into the garden, animation companies to provide office space and technical services.
   Software park make "create innovative entrepreneurial environment, the introduction of high-tech projects, services into the garden" as the purpose, gathered high-level talent, attracted high-tech enterprises, developed new and high technology industries. At present, the existing China putian peace technology, suzhou, yttrium, the PLA general logistics department shield film and television center, India gerth d, shandong, Beijing source such as China and India are universal software, 96 companies, research institutes, more than 1200 employees, annual output value is 500 million yuan. Service outsourcing contracts can be more than $700, amount of $5.91 million, which conducted offshore outsourcing of $3.71 million. Software development, animation production, electronic commerce is taking shape. Among them, the "six companies such as d (shouguang) through the national" double soft enterprise "certification, undertake done 600 at various levels and of software engineering, service customers at home and abroad more than 2 m, for the design research and development of education in shandong province department of education equipment management system is the province more than 13000 schools. Call center has reached 1000 seats, the employees nearly 600 people, Beijing en source the early stage of the business has developed "blackstone amounted to more than 100000 members. Culture creativity has six enterprises such as Taiwan China young net.
   Shouguang software park is identified as service outsourcing demonstration base in shandong province, service outsourcing talents training base in shandong province, shandong province key service outsourcing talents training institutions, college students venture incubation demonstration base, major focus on service industry of shandong province, shandong provincial public service platform construction project.
   According to the shandong peninsula blue economic zone and the construction of jiaodong peninsula high-end industrial clusters strategy for the development of ideas and shouguang industry practice builded by the shandong provincial party committee, shouguang software park will build into a collection of software research and development, animation production, personnel training, skills training, service outsourcing and cultural creativity, business services for the integration of high-tech industrial park.