Lambs advanced manufacturing industry park
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   Lambs advanced manufacturing industry park is located in shouguang lambs town, is located in the south side of bohai laizhou bay, sand silted river, the north end of shouguang, "blue yellow" superposition of two position, is the core region of shouguang binhai economic development zone.
   Lambs's convenient traffic is the local river and sea, male, iron quadruple the hub of transportation network, provincial highway sheep sheep and temporary road entrance in south-north pass-through, bohai road run across, yiyang, yellow big rail feeder to the park, only 180 km away from Qingdao, jinan airport, 20 km from deda railway, 25 km highway, jiqing high-speed 50 kilometers, weifang child port 20 kilometers away. Shouguang investment of 3 billion yuan in the first phase of the port construction projects have started construction, will be after the completion of the national regional modernization important port, north of hohai intermodal port, the Yellow River delta important container transshipment base and LuXiBei important liquid chemical, mineral, food, energy transfer base.
   Lambs advanced manufacturing industry park planning area is 115 square kilometers, including 60 square kilometers of the advanced manufacturing industry area, 10 square kilometers of high-tech industrial parks, 10 square kilometers of lingang logistics industry area , 20 square kilometers of eco-tourism industrial district, 15 square kilometers of the central business district. At present, the overall plan has been completed, the infrastructure, full swing. Since August 2010, has invested nearly 4 billion yuan, to do a good job in "road network, water, power grid", such as infrastructure, new roads 140 kilometers, green area of 6.5 million square meters, construction of the port of the bohai sea road, shouguang, moistureproof dam, shouguang one lambs campus, people's hospital of shouguang lambs sorting key infrastructure, such as comprehensive launched 15 square kilometers of the central business district QiBu District construction.
   One is the advanced manufacturing industry area. Planning area of 60 square kilometers, the park, in accordance with the "new, high efficiency, low carbon, environmental protection," the policy of developing advanced manufacturing industry, processing industry, emerging high-end industries, such as new energy, new materials requirement in project investment of not less than 300 million RMB, the investment density of not less than 2.6 million yuan per acre. At present, the park has started to a $300 million worth of advanced manufacturing project 68, including a $1 billion project of 16, the Max tires, jian yuan spring BOPET etc. 33 project put into production.
   The second is high and new technology industry area. In accordance with the planned area of 10 square kilometers, the park "high-end, high-quality, high efficiency" model of development, the key target green energy information, software, and high-end manufacturing, biotechnology and modern medicine, advanced manufacturing and modern service industry with strong competitive advantage leading industries, requirement in project must be a high-tech projects, investment of not less than 200 million yuan, investment density of not less than 3 million yuan per acre. At present, the park has been implementing LanDian biotechnology and other high-tech is above 200 million yuan of 17.
   The Third is lingang logistics industry area. Planning area of 10 square kilometers, consists of longkou port group invested 3 billion yuan of shouguang port already in industrial park, a 5000 - ton berths nine phase construction, annual throughput of 10 million tons, year 2 berths can be built putting-in-service proactively. For sand silted comprehensively through the air during the "twelfth five-year" to prepare ahead of time, will become an important transit point of hohai combined transport.