The competitive of development
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   First, resource advantage

   Land, northern coast hundreds of square kilometers of saline-alkali land, can provide a large number of industrial and mining land and unused land for industrial development, has been built bohai chemical industrial park, lingang industrial park, and the project area, three hou town industrial park and has begun to take shape.

Northern coastal underground brine reserves of 4 billion cubic meters, the annual output 4.2 million tons, for our bromide per 1/2 of the whole country.

As "the hometown of Chinese vegetables," vegetable planting area of 800000 mu, the development of vegetable industry.

   Second, strong industrial base

   As of late 2011, the enterprises above designated size implementation main business income is 129 billion yuan, profit tax of 10 billion yuan. Has formed paper printing, raw materials, chemical industry, smelting, manufacturing, machinery and equipment, new building materials, food and beverage, textile, rubber tires and other eight pillar industries; 7 enterprises, listed 10; 13 financial institutions.

   Third, the life entertainment facilities

   Urban area is 49.5 square kilometers, is the national garden city, national sanitary city, national environmental protection model city, China excellent tourism city; Education, health care, life service facilities such as shopping; 1 have a 5 star international hotel, 4 star two; Has the beautiful museum park (AAAA), vegetables (AAAA) high-tech demonstration garden, river ecological sightseeing park (AAAA), SanYuanZhu village scenic area (AAA) and Marine museum (AA), and other five state-level tourist attractions.

   Fourth, blue and yellow economic development area

   Shouguang is located in the Yellow River delta efficient ecological economic zone, superposition of shandong peninsula blue economic zone of the location and the key nodes, location specific, obvious advantages, will be concentrated into shandong blue and yellow new economic development model zone, escalating industrial transfer demonstration area. Especially in November 2009, in January 2011, the Yellow River delta efficient ecological economic zone and the shandong peninsula blue economic zone construction successively rises for national strategy, seize the opportunity, zhuhai declaration established the shouguang binhai (sheep) economic development zone, accelerate the reservoir, railway, port, wind power and other major infrastructure construction, focus on planning and construction of the "three big plate". One is double of city ecological economic zone plate to the construction of bohai rim region characteristic ecological scenic spot as the goal, the key introduction sightseeing agriculture, culture industry emerging, such as high-end industrial projects, large-scale infrastructure construction (including the new city road, venue construction) projects; 2 it is life of north lambs advanced manufacturing industry and high-tech industry park plate, the first phase of construction has to carry out the project 38, one hundred million yuan, a total investment of more than 30 billion yuan; Planning park phase ii of 20 square kilometers and 10 square kilometres of high-tech industrial park has started, emphatically introducing the car manufacturing, new energy, new medicine, new materials and other high-tech industry and strategic emerging industries. Three is hou town ocean chemical sector. On the basis of the transform and upgrade the existing industry, mainly around the Marine chemical industry, industry chain extension, to speed up the high-end projects introduction, efforts to realize the characteristic development, dislocation development, efforts to build "national Marine fine chemical industry base".