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Shouguang City Development
Publish:2016-02-01 Close Print
   Administrative efficiency constantly growing. It conscientiously implements the municipal party committee decisions, consciously accepts the legal supervision of the Municipal People's Congress and the CPPCC's democratic supervision, deals with National People's Congress bills 75, CPPCC members proposal 129, 100% office complex rate. It conscientiously carries out the third economic census and deepens the reform of administrative examination and approval system, completes the preparation of administrative examination and approval directory, cumulatively deals with all kinds of administrative examination and approval service matters more than 20,000 pieces. It fully completes reviewing and announcing power list, service list and negative list carding , reduces administrative approval items 156 with the ratio of 42%.
   Constantly optimizing organ style. It carries out the Party's mass line educational practice, organization about cluture style and meeting style, "Commonplace lazy floating" and a series of special rectification activities which make the authorities "four winds" issue fundamentally improved. It actively promotes government open information, through government websites and the "two micro end of " initiatively publishes government information more than 1.3 bar, the public service call center handles the masses of 1.5 million pieces of matter, Shouguang voice of the people receives the masses Post 27000, Sunshine Village Affairs Rank supervision platform reaches 13 million times,which coontributes public opinion expressing more smooth. Expert Advisory Committee gives full play to the role of democratic norms proceedings, collective researches on major issues related to the city's development, the government decision-making becomes more scientific and democratic.
   Self-construction continually deepen. It strictly carries out the eight rules of the central committee and the higher requirements of honest government, launches a comprehensive budget management system reform, and the implementation of centralized financial Towns payment system. It strengthens the supervision of government investment projects bidding, completes 15 government investment projects and 12 projects of economic responsibility audit and the city's "Consumption of public funds on three major private purposes--cars, banquetsand oversea visits" expenditure reduces 30%. It promotes outdoor advertising market allocation of public resources and further standardize trading behavior. It contributes many things continutely development such as Oil Region, archives, history catologue, Taiwan issue , Foreign Affairs, Government Offices, ethnic and religious, women and children and achives many new achievements such as food, air defense, earthquake, the Salt, weather, supply and marketing.