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Character of Shouguang City
Publish:2016-02-01 Close Print
   Spatial layout further optimizes. North Shouguang city accelerates the development of life. High-grade film Jian Yuan-chun, Haohua steel radial tires and other 30 key projects are completed and commissioned; Yingli Green fiber, Luli directional particieboard and other 42 projects worth for billions of dollars are under construction. Shouguang (Marina) Industrial Park fast forward. State Hua Shouguang plant formally approves by National Development and Reform Commission. Shouguang port nine berths are put into use. Double King City Reservoir supporting projects actively promote. Tak railway line fully connects. QuanFu yuan home built first phase key projects are completed. Xianxia buildings and other 37 projects start construction. Shou Ji sections of road reconstruction project open to traffic. Yiyang railway line segment complete changement. Urban development space becomes more broader.
   Further enhancing the quality function. Urban master plan revision has been past the assessment. Silversea northbound stretch, Golden Corn primary heating source switching area and other 60 municipal projects are completed and put into use. The new transformation of urban roads attains 33.7 km, drains 48.6 km. Walking and cycling of the whole system construction experience promote in PROVINCE. construction of small towns and "beautiful countryside" are in solid progress. The completed construction of small towns invest attain 3 billion yuan. Sheep town and Hou town are into the ten of 100 province's strong towns which is named the national key towns; new rural community are 12, 610 rural reconstruction completion. Tau municipalities become the province's first traditional villages and Sanyuan village is named the national 4A level scenic spots.
   Management further enhancing. It carries out the comprehensive improvement of urban environment, focusing on promoting markets, centralized management, "five small" industries, traffic order, villages and other areas, and successful reviewed and acceptanced by the national health city. It becomes the county level civilized cities nominated cities. It actively promotes the wisdom Shouguang construction of social credit information management platform up and running. Digital city management experience promote in the province. The integration of urban and rural sanitation satisfaction survey is ranked in highest in the province.