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Ecology Shouguang City
Publish:2016-02-01 Close Print
   Green development ability continues to strengthen. Shouguang City carries out a comprehensive inventory of idle inefficient use of land, organization and implementation of projects linked to changes in land 8, 1036 acres of surplus land, a total of 5900 acres of land inventory of idle inefficient. It strengthens steel, chemical, thermal management and other key industries, implementation of energy-saving technological transformation of key projects 11, 18 enterprises through cleaner production audit and acceptance, completion elimination of backward production capacity of the annual plan. The city's total coal consumption is decreased by 200,000 tons, which is expected to square yuan output value of energy consumption fell by 3.1%.
  Regional environmental quality continues to improve. Shouguang City carries out "three eight six" environmental action, implementation of 169 environmental management projects, shutting down 105 polluting enterprises rectification of the environment, promotion Chenming, Lu Qing desulfurization and denitrification and other emission reduction projects 42, the new transformation of nine sewage treatment plants. LNG, CNG filling stations 6 are builded, eliminating the yellow car 15238, closed Wells 498. A garbage incineration power generation, bio-sludge fertilizer pilot project completed and put into use in 15 town neighborhoods full installation PM2. 5 monitoring equipment, the city's air quality days increased by 16 days more than the previous year, the number of days of severe pollution reduction over 15 days.
   Construction continues to improve the ecological level. It completes agricultural parks, railway benefits sheep shelter belts and other greening projects 31, new renovation 480 hectares of urban green space, the implementation afforestation 40000 mus, the city's forest coverage rate 25.3 percent. Coastal National Wetland Park Phase II construction of ecological engineering is building now; Dan River wetlands, Xiaoqing estuarine and coastal zone regulation and repair and other ecological projects put into use; there is new area of 4150 acres of wetlands, dredging more than 110 kilometers; Ju lake Lake becomes a national level water conservancy scenic and 4A level scenic spots. And it steadily pushes forward the integration of urban and rural water supply, which significantly increases the level of comprehensive utilization of water resources, creating a national eco-city and rural ecological civilization construction model city of the province.