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Strength of Shouguang City
Publish:2016-02-01 Close Print
   Steady advance economic development. Last year, Shouguang City GDP attained 76.2 billion yuan, 49.83 billion yuan in fixed assets investment, public revenue 7.92 billion yuan; total import and export $ 3.3 billion, investment actual investment reached 19 billion yuan; per capita net income of farmers and urban residents per capita disposable income reached 16,065 yuan and 31,810 yuan; the balance of deposits and loans of financial institutions reached 73.26 billion yuan and 67.33 billion yuan.
   Continuous optimization of industrial structure. Last year, industrial investment reached 27.72 billion yuan; above-scale industrial enterprises realized main business income of 177.04 billion yuan, profits of 12.93 billion yuan, profits of 9.22 billion yuan, which was expected to increase the proportion of high-tech industrial output value to 38.2 percent. Economic Development Zone ranked the third in the provincial development; bio-based materials industry clusters became one of the three bio-based materials industry cluster. There are new transfer of land 50,000 mu, the new development of agricultural park 31, 473 family farms, 13 new varieties of vegetables through the provincial approval (identification), soil engineering to 50,000 mu, root-knot nematode prevention to achieve substantive results. " Shouguang Vegetable "index were included in Shandong price index system released. Services "Fifty Hundred Thousand" projects further forwarded; Redstar, Zhongbai homes and other 35 projects completed and put into use; there are newly established foreign enterprises 6, the formation of the characteristics of good financial business Shouguang museum, e-commerce business development to 320 family; it successfully held the fifteenth food fair, the second Fair and exhibition facilities vegetable varieties. The total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 23.09 billion yuan, added value of service sector accounting for 40.8%.
   Support capabilities continue to increase. There are newly established "melon" and steel truck tire 2 Industrial Technology Alliance, the new Weifang above the level enterprise technical centers and 15 engineering centers, key laboratories 4, 27 projects awarded above the provincial science and technology plan project, application Patents 2110. Innovation base to build national vegetable seed industry progresse smoothly; new waterproof materials industry base is identified as National Torch industrial base; China and India Software Park Development Center become a national science and technology business incubator. It deeply implements talent "double hundred Plan" and "Science and Technology mayor" selection system, new types of high-level personnel 348, the national "people plan" 2, the State Council special allowance expert 1, academician workstation 3. Financial technology service center set up operations; financial risk prevention mechanisms to resolve become more perfect; Kang Yue technology to achieve the Shenzhen Stock Exchange appears on the market; Ying Kang animal husbandry, Star Chemical and Shanghai respectively list equity trading center in Qilu and Shanghai; the annual financing reach 1.364 billion yuan from the capital markets. Administrative reform steadily forwards, reduce administrative career preparation 358; urban and rural public transport reform has basically ended, the city has become the province's urban and rural bus integration demonstration cities; rural property rights trading service center are founded; 830 villages complete the land contract and management rights registration. The city has been identified as the province's county economy scientific development of a comprehensive pilot city.