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Weather forecasting

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   Shouguang meteorological bureau is located in no. 234 of variation street, covers an area of 6853.86 square meters, it belongs to the dual leadership of shouguang, weifang meteorological bureau and the municipal party committee and municipal government. Now there is nine staff, including 2 senior engineers, 7 intermediate titles.  It has administrative office, weather observatory, weather modification office and lightning protection technology center four departments, the main business service are weather forecast, ground telemetry, agricultural meteorological observation and weather modification, lightning protection engineering drawing review, construction supervision, completion inspection and acceptance, lightning protection facilities safety performance testing, etc. In recent years, under the care of competent department, the municipal party committee and municipal government, the meteorological modernization developed rapidly, shouguang economic development provides a reliable weather and a timely manner, the synchronous development of material civilization and spiritual civilization. For five consecutive years from 2006-2010 was named weifang comprehensive target management standard units "excellent", 2006-2007 was rated as "weifang organs of civilization", was named 2008 "weifang municipal civilized unit", since 2000 shouguang has been awarded the "China (shouguang) international vegetable science and technology exposition services advanced unit" by the municipal party committee and municipal government.
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