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Intellectual property rights

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   To strengthen intellectual property rights protection work, shouguang organization establishment committee established the separate intellectual property office on November 23 of 2004 , appointed Li Yijun as deputy director, li chao-hua as director, li yunchuan as disciplinarian. Openned ceremony on October 20, 2005, director general of intellectual property office of shandong province ai-min li, deputy secretary of municipal party committee of the communist party of China (shouguang de-feng Yang to shouguang intellectual property office. Shouguang intellectual property office has been established, seriously implement the "patent law of the People's Republic of China laws and regulations such as the intellectual property rights in shandong province to promote ordinance, around" implement the strategy of intellectual property rights, to build an innovation-oriented shouguang "this theme, pay attention to adjusting and optimizing the allocation of resources, intellectual property to concentrate on social environment optimization, intellectual property management and service system construction, the policy and financial support system construction, improve the creation of intellectual property rights, management, implementation and protection level. Cumulative patent application in 2006-2010, 2594, 1520 authorized, cultivating "China patent shandong star enterprise" 12; The investigation counterfeit and pretend to be patent, 86. During 2006-2010, shouguang intellectual property work was awarded the first prize by the people's government of weifang examination for of , shouguang intellectual property office was named of the intellectual property work advanced unit in shandong province . In 2010 it was listed in the national intellectual property counties demonstration project.
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