Shouguang Cucumber
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   It is also known as Sun Guji cucumbers. As the birthplace of vegetable greenhouses, "the first town of Chinese vegetables greenhouse-Sun Guji is beautiful scenery and cultural heritage, in the ancient there is dawenkou, longshan culture and Songtai god kettle "and sideline wang village sites; recently, it is awarded the" the first Chinese town of vegetables greenhouse, "the best ecological culture tourism town of China", "star villige and towns" in Shandong province, rural economy strong comprehensive strength, 200 villages and towns in shandong province ", "building new villages and towns in shandong province villages and towns" and other honorary titles; Shouguang cucumber, also known as fruit cucumber, They are produced during the four seasons, the melon is crisp with rich juice, taste sweet fragrance, is a kind of omophagia fruit. "LeYi vegetables" was named  as the "Chinese Famous Trademark".