Shouguang Cherry Tomato
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   Shouguang city has the reputation of "the hometown of tomato", has a long and famous history for its tomatoes growing. The tomato mainly has the big fruit type, cherry tomato type and middle-fruit type three broad categories, among them, the cherry tomato is the characteristic agriculture industry of this street. At present, the whole cherry tomato planting area is 30000mu, the cultivating of cherry tomato seedlings 100 million strains, with an annual output of 200000 tons of high-quality cherry tomatoes, a total of planting "saint", "Roman", "purple jade", "pink girls", "black high-ranked imperial concubine", "palin tanzania-zambia", "the Dutch lisa" such as colors, shapes and sizes of the domestic and foreign famous cherry tomato varieties more than 100, since 2007 to undertake national standardization of 15000 mu of tomato planting demonstration area construction tasks, in October 2010 passed the China council for the standardization production acceptance; The micro, FengJun four park certified national green food base, green food to reach 45, now the street has become the nation's largest cherry tomato production and business operation center. Ancient city streets loose soil fertile for acidic sandy soil, irrigation and drainage facilities, sunshine, especially suitable for cherry tomato plants. "Ancient city", such as cherry, cherry tomatoes size have globose, pear-shaped, currant and morello cherry, red fruit color points, pink, yellow, orange and purple, and medium size, fruit hardness, disease-resistant high yield, resistant to storage and transportation, not dehiscent fruit, with entrance slightly acid, taste sweet, fragrant aftertaste endless characteristics, its vitamin C, lycopene, total sugar, total soluble solids and sugar acid ratio of more than 20% of the specified value beyond specification, e. 30% total acid is lower than the specification, taste delicious, unique flavor, good taste and rich nutrition value, favored by the majority of consumers.