Stingless mini cucumbers
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   Also known as the Netherlands cucumber, a type of cultivation of cucumber, Sun Guji stingless cucumbers, because from shouguang in shandong province named Sun Guji street, is one of the most famous specialty of shandong province. The cucumber taste sweet, flavour is poor, can heat the water, rich nutrition and small without spines and well-known, high output, etc, and rich nutrition, and storage, etc. Sun Guji stingless cucumber generally in 14 ~ 18 cm length, 3 cm in diameter, weighs 100 grams left and right sides, skin soft and smooth, no obvious papilloma, melon thick green or dark green color, and even color, crisp taste, rich fragrance, commonly used to table, it is getting more and more welcomed by the broad masses of customers, continuously improve the economic benefit. Sun Guji stingless cucumbers, contains a variety of sugars, amino acids, carotene, vitamin B, C and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals; Containing vitamin B is twice as tall as watermelon, five times more vitamin C than watermelon. According to medical records efficacy indications clear heat, water, detoxicating detumescence, thirst quenching, sore throats, hot wind conditions such as eye disease, damp heat jaundice, urination, have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and weight loss beauty benefits. Sun Guji cucumber cultivation has a long history and wide variety, are exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries, and was deeply loved by consumers around the world. At present, Sun Guji cucumber in all the streets are planting, 78 villages around the area of 15000 mu, is commonly in greenhouse cultivation, year-round supply market.