Shouguang Ginza Mall Store
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   Shouguang Ginza Mall Store is located in No. 338 of Yinhai road, the rule of our service is based on customers' satisfaction. Shopping Ginza, Enjoy Life. Because of the superior geographical position, now it has received the recognition from the masses of our people. Daily traffic and daily sales is on the rise.
   Shouguang Ginza Mall Store is a collection of shopping, leisure, entertainment, dining in a body's modern shopping malls, since opened, it get universal praise and recognition from all sectors of society, social benefit and economic benefit is rising steadily. Ginza group co., LTD. (Ginza stock code: 600858) affiliated to shandong commercial group corporation, is a cross-regional, multiple formats of large chain commercial enterprise, commercial circulation field key backbone enterprises of shandong province and the provincial government key support large-scale retail group. Company owns more than 100 square meters large modern shopping centers, more than 280 for the convenience of supermarket chains, operating area of more than 260 square meters, it has 180000 staff, the business network distribution in Shandong, Hebei and Henan and other places, enterprise scale and benefit levels have firmly in the same industry leading position in the province, it is ranked the relationship between "five" for many years.