Shouguang KOF Tower
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   Shouguang KOF Tower is located at the junction of yinhai road and square street, it is more than 20000 square meters and has1000 staff. It is a modern shopping center which make the modern department store as the theme, integrates large supermarket, restaurant, leisure and entertainment, etc.
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   Shouguang KOF Tower belongs to Weifang KOF Tower, it is the first retail stores of weifang department group. Weifang KOF Tower opened in 1994, always adhere to the "Shopping Weifang KOF Tower, you have no risk" commitment, strives for the survival by the quality, seek development by service, adhere to the road of brand management, the business performance of strong growth every year. Especially in recent years, KOF Tower has realized the leap development. In 2006, KOF Tower achived that the same-store sales of nearly 700 million yuan, sales hit a $12 million worth of good performance, created the miracle of weifang business. At the same time of the business rapid development , KOF Tower win the good reputation  of consumers and the social from all walks of life, has won the "Chinese retail enterprises", "national integrity unit", "national quality service enterprise", "national women's civilization ShiFanGang", a number of honorary titles such as "national youth civilization", "KOF Tower" brand has ring, the land of qilu become weifang people experience the fashion life style, the best place to feel modern civilization consumption.
   Since KOF Tower arrived in Shouguang, the "Shopping Weifang KOF Tower, you have no risk" is always the foundation of the set up shop, to comprehensively improve the quality of family life ", "guide consumption fashion, to create a better life" as the enterprise mission, to KOF Tower, good corporate image and brand effect, has won the general recognition of the consumers, suppliers, industry, has won the "safe production demonstration enterprise", "food industry outstanding enterprise", "consumer satisfaction units" and "rest assured consumption promise unit" and other honorary titles. Next, Shouguang KOF Tower will work together with the social from all walks of life to the service Shouguang, love dedication, make unremitting efforts for the prosperity and development of Shouguang social economy.