The beautiful ecological museum park (4 a)
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   Shouguang beautiful ecological museum park is located in northwest of the famous township of shouguang vegetables. It is closed to bohai laizhou bay, with a total area of 10000 mu, was invested by the national top ten forest farm - shouguang state-owned forest farm in 1998. It is the first national agricultural tourism demonstration site (2005), national 4 a level scenic spots (2008), national wetland park (2011), the bohai sea coastal forest park, is built on a coastal scenic spots on the severe saline-alkali land. Expert named it as "the magic of life on saline-alkali oasis".



Oriental don't sink lake                                 Ningguo temple rendering

   In the garden, the blue sky, green trees, the fragrant lotus and water features oncoming. Garden is not only a large coastal shelter forest, scenic saline-alkali land, the formation of economic forest forest landscape, also has the east don't sink lake recreation, leisure on those, frost and snow lake recreation areas, water golf practice area, diathesis developing training and business meeting service, fragrant lotus garden and sweet garden tree service area, animals interact area, natural wetland reserve, forest resort, agriculture, forestry and fishing salt industry experience zone, shouguang ningguo temple and three sides guanyin blessing course area... Sightseeing scenic area can be divided into two ways of sea and land. The eastern not sink lake, shandong shouguang beautiful lotus festival, the beautiful fruit and vegetable picking, 20 miles gold wetland waterway, agriculture, forestry and fishing salt industry experience tour and blessing of ningguo temple is the scenic spot of the six major tourism brand, has crossed 550000 years tourists.



Picking Calcium fruit                                                                           lotus festival

   Shouguang beautiful lotus festival has risen for provincial exhibition, held every three years, when more than 240 kinds of lotus and aquatic plants varied, smelling garden fragrant lotus, listening to the singing of birds cicada singing, a summer resort... will be held during the international contest of "Oriental don't sink lake" floating, ningguo temple praying, fishing, photography, DV series and hundreds of fruit picking, swim 2 miles gold wetland water channel, etc.       Series of large-scale activities. Every year to attract a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists; Colorful and exciting

   Address: shouguang city ecological economic zone

   Contact phone number: 5561508


   1, highway shouguang characteristics (sleeping) under the left 6 kilometres to scenic spots

   2, shouguang along the sheep near - xinsha road - the beautiful

   3, from shouguang Simon bus station take bus 109 to the scenic spot