The Chinese peony park(2a)
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   The Chinese peony park is located in the south of weifang diesel high road, east river, covers an area of nearly 500 acres, is China (shouguang) international vegetable science and technology exposition of one of the scenic spot.




   Park built by shouguang sunshine real estate development co., LTD., investment, planning a total investment of 90 million yuan, the first phase investment of 60 million yuan. Peony, known as the ancient times today, the king of flowers, flowers of think it is the Chinese nation prosperous, and peaceful happiness. Garden planting with all kinds of rare peony ten big design and color, hundreds of varieties, a total of more than 20 strains, scenic points "peony offer longevity" square, pure yuet, split, romantic, flowers and endless desire, long landscape expression, floral water, heaven and earth in changchun eight scenic spots, the main attractions are the Chinese peony inscription, wolong mountain, listening to offer incense holders, peony, very beautiful archway, tai chi square, Sun Moon Lake, ziyang building, danxia pavilion, qiankun, peony fairy altar giant sculpture, the peony pavilion, the day the pool, moranbong, mountain stream, such as more than 20, otherwise the goldwater jade belt bridge, romantic romantic matter, drunk yan gu yu, misty rain fishing platform, fragrant hole and so on more than 20 spots. Park, landscape plant more than 300 kinds of 20000 strains of trees and shrubs of 25000 plants, small trees and herbaceous plants 5003 strains, sod more than 10 square meters, form is given priority to with peony, evergreen, they do have a flower, rich layers of landscape. Phase ii project plans to invest 30 million yuan, the construction of leisure academy of nursing homes, vegetables, flowers and amorous feelings of the world's garden, and founded China declare peony gene pool. 07, to increase the attraction of peony, the botanical garden department also adds to the cherry blossoms, magnolia, forsythia, prunus persica, winter jasmine, such as spring flowers plants, persimmon fruit plants such as trees, evergreen plants such as cedar, big leaf privet, golden willows, huangshan Luan, acacia trees and more than 7000 strains, further enrich the landscape effect of peony garden.
   Today, the park's "jin red", "sunset", "top red" and so on the many kinds of peony blossom, add an elegant lasting appeal to vegetable township.
   The Chinese peony is located in the river on the east, and west river and village in Europe, modern school, mutual reflect, weifang diesel high road and the north sister river bridge one integrated mass, and set each other off becomes an interest, become a dazzling pearl river.
   Tree peony and herbaceous peony are traditional famous flowers in China, and the peony in traditional China top ten famous flowers, it is a symbol of prosperity, wealth and happiness, peace and luck people loved, is currently the most competitive candidates to spend. Shouguang Chinese peony river is located in the beautiful "on the east. It was founded in 2001, 2004, and carved the peony fairy stone statues, stands in peony lifelike is a unique style. Nearly one thousand kinds, peony is divided into four areas: the first part the peony district, covers an area of 210 mu, a peony, peony, peony, budget; Those second area, covers an area of 24.5 mu; The third area picking area, covers an area of 50 mu, a peach, pear, pomegranate, hawthorn. The fourth district barbecue square, covers an area of 16 acres. Shouguang in order to let the general public and visit customers at the time of ornamental flowers, to the peony varieties have a sufficient understanding of do the peony garden peony main cultivars are briefly introduced. Peony are 600 peony varieties, more than 300 kinds of peony. A total of nine big color: