The giant lake red tourism scenic spots
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   The giant lake is in the northwest of shouguang, is 35 li apart from the city, belonging to heading a cow town of county-rural. The giant lake is the largest and only one natural lakes, keeping the most original natural appearance in our city. Giant lake used by every river to the west, such as by Zi river, jump river, Wang Qin river, vega river, a monk, elements, such as assembled, belongs to the seasonal lakes. Initial huge lake area is very big, there are more than 50000 acres, north and south is about 10 kilometers long, about seven point five km wide from east to west, water area of about 25 square kilometers, later, after historical change and fertile land reform, now cut to 12000 mu, the depth of 0.3 meters to 1.5 meters. GIant lake has a long history, "han." emperor wudi of the sign, and four years in March, the plow in the giant lake lake ", the records, after investigation, the emperor was farming place is near the minotaur county-rural giant lake lake, Giant lake has been known. The giant lake smooth, rich products, is rich in reed, fish, shrimp, crab, etc., in the past is called "the hometown of fish and rice". During the Anti-Japanese War, Ma Baosan led the eighth route army in eastern anti-japanese guerrilla detachment had a spook 8 in the lake very hit the baiting the Japanese, is a important base for the development of red tourism.
   The town party committee, government and tauren county-rural set out from actually, in 1992 the development of tourism as a sustainable development strategy to grasp, the overall planning, focus on investment, promoting tourism development process. We first in order to improve the water quality as the key point, done a big improvement, the quality of the lake that was once polluted water quality has improved. And form a complete set of perfect infrastructure such as water, electricity, road, Lin. On this basis, under the premise that does not destroy the ecological environment, one after another to build a batch of taking shape of tourist attractions, in 1992 built on water in the lake district chau, those gossip, lotus pond, birds singing, and "across the whole lake" sister mountain scenery. In 1993 built Russian style tourist resort in the north of monument .