Chenming international hotel
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   Chenming international hotel lies in the east of shouguang which is famous for vegetables in china. it is invested by shandong Chenming group and managed by Qingdao Haitian Hotel management group. It confirms the international standards of five star hotels and especially suited for senior business meetings and other social functions.
   It is near to MiHe and has beautiful scenery.It is about 75000 square metres and near the new administration center of shouguang. The transportation is very excellent and accessible.It is about 1.5 hours from Jinan Qingdao international airport by car and just about 10 kilometres away from JiQing expressway.
   First. chenming's mission: surprise, happiness!
   Surprising, spreading happiness!
   Chenming's people think, if because of the existence of its own, this society can add more happiness, and controlling all related people, including our guests, employees, shareholders and partners can often be pleasantly surprised, we are valuable!
   Chenming people know that, in the market competition is more and more fierce, the standard of demand is higher and higher today, how to do this is not easy! Chenming people in addition to the persistent, earnest, diligent to do every thing, pay attention to every detail, depends on your imagination, creativity, and continuously surpass ourselves, constantly for the guests, employees, shareholders and society to create new, beyond expectation value.
Second.the core values: responsibility, love, integrity
   Responsibility: the responsibility to society; the responsibility to the guests; the responsibility to employees; the responsibility to shareholders; the responsibility to  yourselves
   Love: chenming hotel position itself as "a more caring hotel". First of all, love means caring, is willing to help others and benefit others; Secondly, love, embodied in the understanding of others, understanding and forgiveness. Third, love, embodied in respect for the people; Fourth, the principle of love not only applicable to customers, more suitable for the colleagues Integrity: chenming hotel should adhere to the principle of good faith in all business activities. Integrity means not fraud guest, don't cheat, do not oppress company colleagues. idea, management with love!
   "Love" is the most important resource of chenming hotel, chenming hotel shall carry out the idea of "management" with love in all the business activities, because, only love can make people happy for a long time, only love can make people a real surprise!
   Fourth.  the service concept, serve by heart!
   Serve with conscience means:
1, cautious promises and commitment
2, self-discipline and supervision
3, Service is our duty
4, everyone is a server
5, customers' satisfaction is the standard of measuring the service quality.
   Fifth, the management idea, start from theirselves, keeping up with the specification
Management enterprise must depend on the specification, but carry out the specification by competent and leadership play an exemplary role.
   Sixth, code of conduct, rapid response, immediate action
1, the rapid response to customer. To: customer first, the customer is always right; Customer priority, center office; The first asking responsibility system.
2, obey orders, listen to instructions, quick, timely feedback.
   Environment: international vegetables exposition, the municipal government
   The basic information: opened in 2008, 337 rooms telephone: 0536-2231881 fax: