Hot springs hotel
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   【 introduction of hotel 】
   Hot spring hotel is only one four-star hotel in shouguang, shandong province. It is invested by shouguang sunshine group, the architectural style is modern and of high quality, its soft opening on April 18, 2003, fully opened on August 8, according to international four-star standard design, construction, decoration, equipment, is a highly integrated performance of foreign business hotel, the hotel garden architecture, with the Olympic Games of trophies for the building has eight building a distinctive modelling, a building, the main three guest house, the President of a building floor, a villa, and a convention center, a food and beverage, recreation center covers an area of 120 mu, building area of 48000 square meters. Hot spring hotel logo for elliptic contour, is the symbol of hotel main body, the blue circle is a boundless sky, express hotel based on its own strength, always the pursuit of higher quality of service. Abstract the sun, hot spring modern modelling, tension, express enterprise management modernization, flexible mechanisms is not inflexible, convey a spirit of innovation; Sun natural hot springs health, healthy natural hot spring water indicated that the same sincere service concept, and "natural", "sincere" on the sunshine hot spring hotels, high-grade high transparent service a strong dependence. The modelling of the sun hot springs have extended feeling, indicated that the hotel have a broad space for development.
   Hot spring hotel has 5 meeting rooms of different size function, the great hall of the sun, Chinese rose hall, lotus hall, peony hall and Chinese redbud hall. Sunshine hall with advanced language simultaneous interpretation system, good chamber atmosphere, is held various seminars, commendation meeting, theatrical performances and other large-scale activities of the preferred site. April 7 solstice 8, 2005, President hu held a meeting in the great hall of the sun, the successful completion of the hot spring hotel reception tasks, is well received by the leaders at all levels, also demonstrate the power of hot spring hotels.
The unique features of Hot springs hotel is the hot spring water, it is extracted from the magic of the 900 meters deep underground geothermal water, the water temperature as high as 43 ℃, water containing chlorine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, fluorine, radium, silicon and other health benefits of trace elements and contain a variety of chemical components, a small number of biologically active ions. According to expert verification, the hot spring water to the human body can have the effect of health care, anti-aging, and physical therapy health care, for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, phlebitis, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and other symptoms have special curative effect. Hotel rooms, sauna, swimming pool water all USES the pure natural geothermal hot spring water, make you fully enjoy the miracle of hot spring bring you! "Hot spring sunlight, dew, advise your bath, longevity and live", the wonders of the spring and feel won praise can not help but make people relaxed.
   Now, with the rapid rise of the shouguang various aspects strength, hot spring hotel also plays a more and more important role in the development of shouguang, has become the bridge of communication links overseas in zhuhai, the window of the communication between Chinese and western culture, stimulating local economic leverage, improve the service level of coordinates. "Hot spring" to shouguang, live at home and abroad has become a fashion choice.
   Hot spring hotel is located in shouguang development zone, only three kilometers from the city center, five kilometers from the center of international vegetable expo exhibition, only 15 minutes' drive from jiqing expressway, 206 national road, 309 national road runs through the city, 38 kilometers away from weifang railway station, 80 minutes or up to jinan, Qingdao airport, traffic is very convenient, the golden rule of hotel industry is implemented - geographical advantage.
   "Important reception"
   Opening date of the hotel has hosted many big events, important reception are:
   Wasn't fair during the 2004 guinness book of world celebrities in hot springs and the hotel fire drill employees; Secretary of the communist youth league central, Ken jiang hong to hot springs hotel, vomit
   On May 5, 2004, the vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress comrade Jiang Chunyun stayed hot spring hotel;
   On June 19, 2004 the procurator-general of the supreme people's procuratorate Jia Chunwang comrade to hot spring hotel;
   On October 30, 2004, the fourth session of the national "chief" BBS in "the hometown of Chinese vegetables" - shouguang grand opening.
   In May 2004, the all-china women's federation, chairman of gu stayed hot spring hotel; On July 12, 2004, shandong peace conference held in hot spring hotel;
   On November 11, 2004, the province of scientific development will, shandong provincial party committee secretary zhang gaoli and weifang municipal party committee secretary chuan-lin zhang comrade comrade to hot spring hotel;
   On February 6, 2005, comrade provincial party committee secretary zhang gaoli and shouguang SanYuanZhu counting secretary Wang Leyi stayed hot spring hotel;
   In April 2005, general secretary hu jintao to visit zhuhai and sunshine in hot springs hotel conference room meeting, the vice President of the national human resources association, director of guangdong telecom Mr LuanRuiSheng to store instruction inspection work;
   On November 14, 2005, the national tourism administration shouguang "merit" assessment team all visit hot spring hotel;
   On January 8, 2006 to 12, organized by the propaganda department of the central news their visit to visit the hot springs hotel;
   On February 13, 2006, the shouguang 14th to the 16th National People's Congress four conference held at the hot spring hotel;
   On February 7, 2006, shandong provincial party committee secretary zhang gaoli to visit shouguang to carry out the party's advanced nature education activities;
   On March 9, 2006, the central organization, vice minister of OuYangSong to shouguang inspection party's advanced nature education work to hot springs hotel;
   On March 23, 2006, vice chairman of CPPCC national committee Luo Haocai stayed hot spring hotel;
   April 5 solstice 7, 2006, member of the political bureau of the CPC central committee, secretary of the central committee, state councilor and minister of the ministry of public security zhou yongkang where hot springs hotel to visit shouguang guidance;
   On April 8, 2006 to 10 weifang socialist new rural construction work conference was held at the sunshine international conference and exhibition center of hot spring hotel;
   On April 13, 2006, the provincial xue-cheng cao, deputy director of the provincial tourism bureau director doug bing, inspected zhuhai guidance work;
   On April 15, 2006 in shandong province standing committee organization department minister liu and other leaders to visit shouguang inspection work;
   On April 18, 2006, the third "food of" national best artist painting invitational exhibition was held in the hot spring hotel;
   On April 19, 2006, former vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress Jiang Chunyun to sunshine hot spring hotel;
   On May 4, 2006, Chinese famous crosstalk master Mr Racing season to visit sunshine hot spring hotel;
   On May 12, 2006, state councilor Chen zhili at the provincial leadership accompanied visit hot spring hotel; On May 17, 2006, the national health city historical assessment in the coming hot spring hotel;
   On May 22 solstice. 26, 2006 National local railway existing line standard maintenance experience symposium in hot springs hotel rose hall;
   On June 1, 2006, the national rural fire control propaganda work live visit workshop in hot springs hotel rose hall, and held in YangGuangTing fire control propaganda and theatrical performances;
   On June 7, 2006, the province shouguang county economic development conference venue in hot springs hotel rose hall;
   On June 11, 2006, vice chairman of CPPCC national committee Zhang Meiying to check the instruction work in our city to visit shouguang hot spring hotel;
   On June 23, 2006 the national development and reform commission shouguang leadership at the hot spring hotel;
   On June 23, 2006 in shandong province standing committee organization department minister liu and other leaders to shouguang inspection guide work to shouguang hot spring hotel;
   On July 3, 2006 national NPHCC leadership to visit shouguang inspection work;
   On July 9, 2006, shandong provincial party committee secretary zhang gaoli attended as the party member the leading cadre conference to hot spring hotel;
   On July 16, 2006, the department leader to visit shouguang inspection work;
   On July 18, 2006 in xiaoqinghe river drainage by water pollution prevention and control work symposium held in hot springs hotel, the leaders to visit shouguang inspection work;
   On August 3-4, 2006, the provincial national tax system tax work symposium held in hot springs hotel peony hall;
   On August 7-8, 2006 provincial secrecy work conference held in hot springs hotel YangGuangTing;
   On September 12, 2006, shouguang won the national health city opening ceremony was held in YangGuangTing opening ceremony;
   On October 11, 2006-13, a warm welcome to shouguang creating national environmental protection model city leadership;
   On October 20, 2006, McDonald's of the world's top 500 enterprises in shouguang - signing ceremony and press conference was held in the hot spring hotel;
   On November 6, 2006 The China banking regulatory commission jointly CCTV reporters' hot spring hotel;
   November 11, 2006 founded in dynamic weifang branch in hot springs hotel rose hall "millions of enterprise online training - shouguang station";
   On November 16, 2006, vice secretary of shandong provincial party committee to shouguang Gao Xinting inspection guide work to sunshine hot spring hotel;
   On November 18, 2006, Inner Mongolia chifeng city hexigten where sunshine hot spring hotel, party and government delegation and signed agreement between sister cities in April 07, etc.
   "Special food"
   The main functions of the hotel restaurant provides guests with a variety of dishes and comfortable.
   Dining environment and services, is an important business sector, the hotel is the focus of hotel management.
   Hotel on the food and beverage products highlight the theme of "green, healthy", concerned about the health of consumers, depend on the powerful advantage of shouguang - the hometown of Chinese vegetables, with green pollution-free vegetables as raw materials, development and design of vegetables banquets, advocate civilized dining way, dining, received high praise from the guest, and intensify the development of the local cuisine, from the agronomy ShouGuangRen jia sixie masterpiece qimin yaoshu in seeking the source of innovation, local food culture, in the general counsel toth gentleman and shandong cuisine association deputy secretary-general, China shandong cuisine, under the guidance of the master host Mr. The research and development on behalf of shouguang diet style qi large banquet, with golden shouguang steller chicken, grilled mushrooms (famous jade silver), wild river fish, shrimp, pollution-free, and developed by our own farm from pickling: four urns, four bowls, four little, with certain scale, for all people in a green and healthy cultural feast.
   The surrounding environment Shouguang vegetable international expo park
   The basic information which opened in 2003, 211 rooms telephone fax 0536-5107288 0536-5107333, 5107298
   Additional choose buffet breakfast at RMB 38
   Hotel service taxi/elevator and escalator, conference rooms, business center, parking lot, free pick up service, foreign exchange services, market flower shop, clinic, hair beauty salon, ticket service, laundry service, guest room, the postal service for disabled persons
   Catering facilities in Chinese restaurant, western restaurant, barbecue, cafes, tea house, limited room service
   Entertainment fitness chess and card room, electronic game room, table tennis room, fitness room, basketball, massage, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, foot bath
   Guest room facilities Domestic long distance calls, international long distance telephone, central air-conditioning, 24-hour hot water, hair dryer, independent desk, safe deposit box
   Accept credit card issuing credit card (mastercard (Master), VISA (VISA), express (AMEX), large to Diners Club, JCB 】 domestic distribution unionpay card
   Traffic information
   Government agency/school/hospital
   City hotel 5 kilometers
   Weifang institute of science and technology hotel 2.77 kilometers
   Business center/restaurant
   QuanFu member department five kilometers distance from the hotel
   Century square hotel 2 kilometers
   Weifang airport 40 kilometers distance from hotel at the airport
   The railway station Weifang railway station 30 kilometers distance from the hotel
   Surrounding facilities
   Food and beverage Shouguang millions of manor hotel, north depression Fried dumpling fish shouguang flagship store
   Shouguang entertainment shu ya foot massage center flagship store
   The national free reservation booking hotline: 4000-388-666
   Telephone: 0536-5107888