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   【 summary Since 2006 ~ 2010, the development of shouguang highway career is rapidly, successively reconstructed 88.7 km for the five main domestic highway: yangqing, dayi, weigao, shouji, xinhai, finished 127.8 kilometers repairements, make the highway grade standard and quality of the road highly improved. This formed near the grass, to fill in, Joe, trees, flowers and plants, phase contrast, smooth spacious highway ecological environment. The bureau was awarded the provincial civilized units, weifang municipal civilized unit, weifang expressway environmental governance and so on the title of advanced unit; For three consecutive years in weifang highway system civilization industry competition won the gold cup, weifang traffic system advanced unit, the weifang city federation of trade unions innovation competition of project research advanced unit, the national highway maintenance overhaul, outstanding contribution prize, weifang transport system advanced basic-level party organization, harmony to create demonstration units such as the honorary title. More than 30 staffs have been awarded "advanced individual", "outstanding communist party member", "outstanding party workers" and other honorary titles by the provincial bureau of highway bureau, weifang, weifang transportation committee of the municipal party committee and weifang highway bureau.
   【 Construction of road network Since 2006 ~ 2010, Shouguang rebuilted highway cumulative 88.7 km, completed the project total investment 950 million yuan. Among them: rebuilding 9.5 kilometers from new sea coastal industry to ChaHe road from 2008 to 2009, roadbed Bridges road engineering, Changed from 15 meters wide by the original pavement to 24 meters wide level of asphalt pavement, engineering workload of 105 million yuan; In 2008-2009 sheep green road 43.3 kilometers encountered subgrade bridge pavement engineering, Lin hai road to town. Sun newly built road 24 meters wide level of asphalt pavement, engineering workload of 510 million yuan; In 2009-2010 rebuilt interpretation road 35.8 kilometers, subgrade bridge pavement engineering from binhai to ChangLe boundary: four period of construction of coastal industry respectively to cold five road 10.6 kilometers into the road 24 meters wide level of asphalt pavement; Cold five intersection to the life of dhi road 5.4 kilometers into the road 14 meters wide secondary asphalt pavement; To the rice fields in the street life of dhi intersection north 9.8 km into the road 14 meters wide secondary asphalt pavement; Paddy fields in ChangLe bounded on the north street 10 kilometers into 24 meters level of asphalt pavement. Entire section engineering workload is 335 million yuan.
   2006 ~ 2010,highway maintenance weifang highway maintenance fund 135.774 million yuan over the complete repair project of 121.96 km, totaled 96.274 million yuan for the engineering work; Greening projects investment of 285.67 million yuan (including local greening earthwork investment); Highway maintenance good road rate year after year in more than 95%. Among them: 2006 new sea surface is 425.03 M2/26.5 Km; Sprinkle the cloth cover 91.5 kM2/91.5 Km, large interpretation of road surface is 16.2 Km, 16.2 kM2 / dig at the grass-roots level 53580.55 M2, geotextile 33188.7 M2, change the surface 12199.68 M2, repairing adhesive seam filling and 87000 meters, with 57600 square meters, oil change adjustment luyandan 12146 meters, embedding crossing pile, the bridge pile 1218 root, crossing, crossing culvert hardening 597, totaled 27.0597 million yuan for the work. In blue sheep, new sea, weifang diesel nine tamarisk planting 1.24632 billion strains, wool ash 3578 plants, greening investment of 207000 yuan. Completed in 2007, life of dhi road, weifang diesel high new sea road 44.1 kilometers long finish engineering / 776900 square meters, 24.411 million yuan, engineering work completed; Buried 1751 road crossing culvert, crossing 788 root pile, grouting seam of 18000 meters, hardening crossing 1100, 8.6 million, the total investment of 31.3644 million yuan. Complete the greening investment of 120 million yuan. 2008 life of dhi road repairing spill cloth cover engineering work completed 4.53 million yuan/km / 12.8 4.53 million square meters; Sheep green, xin hai, weifang diesel high road pavement maintenance investment 1.604 million yuan, bridge maintenance are completed 996000 yuan; Wear villages and towns (street) sections in the paddy fields, Tian Liu, the ancient city of three street pulp build by laying bricks or stones ditches 8011 m investment in 961000; The total investment of 11.429 million yuan. Greening completed investment of 202000 yuan. Completed in 2009 to wear village road paddy fields, the dragon, the camp, Tian Liu, hou town five township, a total of 24050 meters on both sides of the sidewalk laid Dali hardening, greening, lighting, investment of 3.848 million yuan. Greening completed investment of 261000 yuan. Complete sheep green, long life, weifang diesel high dig at the grass-roots level 7162.5 square meters, completed investment of 1.576 million yuan. Good road rate was 97.2%. Maintenance and engineering work completed in 2010 totaled 51.912 million yuan; Maintenance quality good road rate 94.3%; Weifang diesel high road, 57.4 kilometers long dig new sea / 1.1697 million square meters; Of weifang diesel high road of 7.9 km, 23.3 kilometers, the new sea adopted the technology of rubber asphalt layer; Construction and reforming crossing culvert 323, embedding crossing 1470 root pile, hardening crossing 287, luyandan updated 32000 meters, drain tank 976 new maintenance, replacement of the bridge pile 568 root, change the contour standard 540, a total of 4.95 million yuan of investment; Green and earth investment 165 million yuan, 142.3 km, 8.392 million strains to plant all kinds of nursery stock, survival rate, retention rate of more than 95%.
   2006 ~ 2010, the road administration way compensate charge 4.717 million yuan, investigate road politics in 556, dealing with road 95, completed 1.2577 million km highway patrol, investigate transfinite 4726 vehicles, 66498 tons of cargo discharge points, fines of up to 10.2195 million yuan, and cost recovery, ZhaChuLv and level of 100%. : way compensate charge for $763000, 2006, 52 pieces processing road politics case, 76400 km highway patrol, investigate transfinite 822 vehicles, discharge 1815 tons of cargo, fine of $936000. Processing way compensate charge for $845000, 2007 road politics in 64, 69300 km highway patrol, investigate transfinite 740 vehicles, discharge 4736 tons of cargo, fine of $1.51 million. Processing way compensate charge for $1.001 million, 2008 road politics in 65, to accept the highway 27, 344000 km highway patrol, investigate transfinite 371 vehicles, discharge 2832 tons of cargo, fine of $600000. Removal of 253 pieces of road signs, the local government investment 48.014 million yuan, the demolition of illegal construction 2574/88765 m2; Investment of 2.606 million yuan to 354.7 km roadside ditches slope. Investment of 1.2 million yuan in 2009 in weifang diesel high road east Ma Guzhuang across the building area of 825 square meters of 2 kinds of transfinite checkpoints. The road to compensate charge 1.1 million yuan, processing way politics in 169, accepts the road 23, 438000 km highway patrol, investigate transfinite 1325 vehicles, discharge 22000 tons of cargo, fine of $3.06 million. Removal of 260 pieces of road signs, the local government investment of 17 million yuan to demolition of illegal structures, investment of 167 million yuan of comprehensive environmental control in expressway. Processing way compensate charge for $1.108 million, 2010 road politics in 206, accept highways licensing 45, 330000 km highway patrol, investigate transfinite 1468 vehicles, 35115 tons of cargo discharge points, a fine of 4.0035 million yuan. Investment of 44.79 million yuan to clear, standard, fixed the road signs on the wall 2859 piece, migration in the trading 6, demolition of illegal structures between 1224/1224 m2.
   【Industry developmentin 2006 ~ 2010, the highways agency more efforts to the development of highway industry, expanding the area of industrial development, implementation, multi-industry simultaneously policies by strengthening scientific management, the implementation of diversified development, based on the advantage of industry resources, brand, has five years completed unplanned various engineering workload of 29.851 million yuan. Including: in 2006, the winning contracting 5.43 km, the city bohai chemical industry garden sea sheep entrance 17.7 km, hou town chemical industrial park is 1.43 kilometers, 4.98 kilometers, the holy city street totaled 100.51 million yuan for the engineering work; 2007 south circular road construction, the city street, the bohai sea, the food is such as municipal engineering work of more than 8000 8000 yuan; In 2008 south east loop and engineering work completed more than 2400 2400 yuan; Complete the winning collaboration project 36.31 million yuan and 2009 hou town industrial park road, township road engineering workload of more than 3000 3000 yuan; In 2010, part of municipal engineering work completed 64 million yuan; Asphalt mixing plant done work five years is 170 million yuan. Cement products factory production and sales of cement products 10.7 million yuan; Two ash mixing plant production from 2009 to 2010, two ash mix 14.7 million yuan.
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