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   【 summary as the now seven departments and transportation "shouguang township road administration", "shouguang ports and local railway administration", "shouguang traffic combat readiness office" section, "shouguang transportation management office", "shouguang inspectorate" two metre transport management institution and 14. Existing staff 287 people, assuming the maintenance management of the city and township road 3848 kilometers, renovation, and the design of the new road construction work; For the city of more than 14000 pick-up truck operations, as well as the city's road transport service companies such as the inspection and audit work. 2006-2010 as the many times by the provincial transportation department and the government and the competent business department of the recognition and praise, for five consecutive years was named weifang traffic system advanced unit.
   【highway construction highway opened to traffic in the city at the beginning of 2006 the total mileage of 3171.7 km, including: national highway 18.6 kilometers, the highway 230.8 kilometers, 185.1 kilometers county roads and township roads 626.4 km, village road of 2070.7 km, 40.0 kilometers ZhuanYong Road, km density reached 158.8 kilometers per million square kilometers. Total length of 57.9 kilometers, investment of 320 million yuan of sheep entrance open to traffic in October 2006, the total length of 43.5 kilometers, investment 520 million yuan, xihuan was finally completed in October 2009. At the end of 2010, the city's road traffic total mileage of 3848 kilometers. Among them, the asphalt road 3099 kilometers, the oil density reached 164.6 kilometers per million square kilometers. Rural road open to traffic in the city total mileage of 3004.825 km, column length of 3004.8 kilometers. Among them, the county roads, there are 9 188.591 kilometers, the township road 71 article 635.436 km, 1086 village road 2140.753 kilometers, four ZhuanYong Road 40.045 kilometers. Technology are rated: first class highway 101.2 kilometers, secondary road 194.3 kilometers, three road 334.4 kilometers, 4 class highway 2319.6 kilometers, substandard of km, 55.3 km. Maintenance quality comprehensive rate of good roads always stay above 93%. From urban areas to 14 town, streets, all achieved more than secondary highway connections, network structure more reasonable, gradually build up the rural highway and provincial highway, highway connected, are one of the modernization of road network structure. At the same time, the whole city to speed up the construction of key highway project, since 2006, shall be the responsibility of the shouguang traffic transport, has completed the sheep entrance (2006), the big g (2009), port road (2010), and other key highway construction project. Shouguang sheep entrance (1) project. Shouguang sheep is shouguang highway entrance engineering history the most longest mileage, investment, line one of the most complex kind of highway project, this is the most convenient and smooth throughout north and south, as an important artery, is glorious highway and jiqing highway connecting line. The project from the shouguang lambs town, south tai interpretation road, provincial highway, 57 km, pavement 24 meters wide, design four lanes, design speed of 80 km per hour, according to the national primary standards of highway construction, in 2005 starts in August, was finally completed in October 2006, a total investment of 320 million yuan. (2) the big western engineering. Big western engineering are shouguang after sheep entrance, north and south, well versed in shouguang and an important channel, is set tourism, agricultural development, logistics economy, park drive such as multi-functional in one of the rich the municipal engineering. The project from the shouguang Lin hai road, south check provincial sheep green road, 43.3 km, the road 24 meters wide, design four lanes, design speed of 80 km per hour, according to the national primary standards of highway construction, start in November 2008, opened in October 2009, a total investment of 520 million yuan. (3) the shouguang port road engineering. Shouguang port road engineering is an important backbone road, life of north road network is the port of shouguang supporting infrastructure construction project, the project is built, to improve the road network structure of the Yellow River delta efficient ecological economic zone, shouguang and surrounding areas plays an important role in the development of the economy. The project shouguang meets binhai development zone, east to west across the river, and at the end of the check in the town of lambs port road, 4.3 km, the road 24 meters wide, design four lanes, design speed of 80 km per hour, according to national standards of highway construction, the project start date is in November 2009, the completion date in October 2010, a total investment of 100 million yuan.

   【The city's road transportation 】In 2006, freight volume of 16.05 million tons, 2.54 billion tons of freight turnover/km. Due to the effect of traffic fees region difference, the city's large trucks to Inner Mongolia, gansu, Tibet, heilongjiang provinces like to transfer ownership, such as capacity negative growth for the first time for this, the municipal transport department set up external governance office, joint industrial and commercial administrative department of the foreign ministry in shouguang agent point to clean up. In 2006, the notice spirit, according to the ministry of communications for all operating vehicle to issue a unified national standard of "road transport", "road transport vehicles equipped with color photographs, to avoid the vehicle retrofit at will, at the same time establish and improve the operation of the vehicle management archives and the archives technology, YunZheng management more standardized. Given to deal with "road transport vehicles must be on-site testing and take photos, and freight vehicles in urban area is restricted, the city traffic transportation management office to apply for withdrawal of personnel to the municipal administrative service center, its business is dealt with to YunGuanChu, your application is approved in March 2007. Didn't get good curb external phenomena, 2006 capacity negative again. Eastern coastal provinces and cities have reflect the vehicle plugins to the ministry of communications. Continuous issued in 2007, the superior file to increase the intensity of external governance, the municipal transport authorities mobilized management expertise, foreign hangs vehicles forced back, received certain result, the capacity increased gradually. January 7, 8, 2007, the ministry of communications minister li shenglin to shouguang vegetable wholesale market inspection guide work, requirements for super from fountainhead, standard transport vehicle loading, not overloaded. City transport department in a timely manner to establish "shouguang transport for vegetable wholesale market source management office", working in vegetable wholesale market, the loading issued by qualified vehicle "standard loading proof", as the "green channel" open play a role. In 2008, as was the provincial communications department identified as rural logistics pioneer (city), according to the ministries and agencies, municipal transport department formulated the plan immediately, after two years of efforts, formed the county, town and village level 3 rural logistics network, greatly promote the development of the transportation industry. In August 2010, the province's first batch of pilot work of rural logistics in shouguang, the leaders of shouguang's success gave high evaluation, pilot projects for a complete success. In May 2008, the municipal transport authorities moved into the new office building, set up YunZheng service hall, all YunZheng business implements the "one-stop" work style service, self-employed to save time, improve the efficiency. In January 2009, the fuel tax reform, the vehicles will no longer pay the transportation fees. Because there is no regional differences, external vehicle back automatically. In 2009, the city's new freight cars more than 5000 vehicles, freight car industry breakthrough than mark. In 2010 the city's eight dangerous chemical transportation enterprise of dangerous chemical transportation vehicles more than 220, all installed GPS positioning system, into the weifang traffic management platform, unified management, car into the key cities and provincial network connection, to further improve safety coefficient. In 2010, we added more than 4300 freight cars, the city reached more than 14300 freight cars, agricultural vehicles, tractors, tricycle of more than 3500 vehicles, operating freight reached more than 18000 units, large, heavy truck and container, van proportion is more and more big, the transportation structure is further optimized, the city's annual volume of 27.62 million tons, freight turnover amounted to 9.50465 billion tons/km, the city's transportation industry to enter the sound and rapid development track.

   【Bus stop】shouguang toward the bus stop existing staff 270 people, administrative office, scheduling department and so on 15 departments and 7 level 3 station, have two parking lot, 35 garage, station vehicles 600, 97 operating lines, a shift from 1000 times, average daily send passengers 12000 passengers. The bus station won the title of weifang SEC "civilized demonstration window", and was in shandong province communications department, the provincial government named the "civilized" bus stop. Since 2006, in line with to the service, the management to benefit the management idea, intensify management and reform, the bus station to continuously improve the management measures and the relevant rules and regulations, make further standardized management. By deepening the reform of enterprise, improve the economic benefit. Shall practise a system of pre-service training, to mount guard personnel, shall be on-the-job training, from transportation to professional ethics rules and regulations of the company, to study education earnestly, good results have been achieved. Increase the intensity of rectification, improve the management level. Exposed for different lines, adopted the way of the reorganization of the line, set up special inspection group, the default vehicle handled in time, ensure the normal operation of the passenger transportation market. In June 2008, according to the provincial communications department of vehicle separation, second class above the station had closed management requirements, the enclosed grid management, ended more than a decade of open management mode. Stood in December 2009, according to the provincial communications department, after four one of the requirements, set up the sun set bus station (level 3 stand), was established in June 2010, ji station bus station (level 3 station), make the city level 3 bus station number increased to seven. Shouguang co., LTD., an unprecedented expansion toward the bus stop, a flourishing career. Shipping co., LTD., comprises a taxi company bus station and express center of goods. Cab company owns 256 taxis, the high quality service and timely delivery to meet the requirements of different levels of passengers travel; The goods carriage of goods by express center undertake all over the country in shouguang, accomplish the convenient, fast and timely. To strengthen the democratic management, implement open government. Set up government affairs, financial disclosure leading group, set up the government affairs public bar, the suggestion box, a call, held on major infrastructure projects and other matters in a timely manner ZhiDaiHui negotiation research, increases the transparency of the work, won the trust and support staff. Strengthening the hardware construction, expand the scale of production. In May 2009, approved by the municipal party committee and municipal government, shipping co., LTD. In the south of north loop, bus stop health street, west of xinglong road north of land of 110 mu, investment 200 million yuan, according to the national level 1 bus standard construction of the building area of 25000 square meters of new bus station. The operation of the new bus station, which laid a foundation for the rapid development of shouguang passenger transport business, added power.

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