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   【 summary shouguang post office jurisdiction 30 branches, three city branches in the countryside. The past five years, shouguang postal persists in the business first, face difficult and into the "spirit as the instruction, intensify the reform continuously, strengthen management, to improve the quality of service, the business development by leaps and bounds, integrated communication ability and the economic benefit is improved obviously. Postal service amount from $2006 in 84.77 million to 100.46 million yuan in 2010, has kept the weifang first absolute value.
   【postal infrastructure during the period of "11th five-year plan", the city's postal outlets to 33, opened four post road car, single more than 400 kilometers, built city delivery period of 22, 72 rural delivery lines, a total of more than 3300 kilometers. Express delivery network with nearly 2000 cities in China, business access more than 200 countries and regions. Built in 32 network of postal green card, and completed the domestic postal savings deposits automatic or. Newspaper has realized the province computer networking, which has been building newspaper retail pavilion 8.

   【Postal postal service   is one of the traditional service enterprise, main bearing provide physical information transfer tasks for the society. In recent years, the postal service to continuously meet the needs of social development, further improve its services, the normal development of traditional business on the basis of efforts to develop new business, for the society provides many varieties, multi-level personalized service, has now set up the main business types are: all kinds of letters and parcels of delivering, the electronic remittance, newspaper, postal savings, express mail, philatelic collection development, logistics, postal agency insurance, mobile, unicom number allocation and charge, direct mail advertising, bills, postage postcards, enterprise and so on more than 20 New Year card. (1) the postal savings. The postal savings is the postal service for the convenience of urban and rural residents to participate in savings, gathered social idle funds, support the national construction and set up a legal business. Shouguang during the period of "11th five-year plan", the postal savings actively cooperate with the work of the postal department, strengthen the green card, electronic transfer, agent insurance, electronic inspection system and a series of large financial informatization construction, equipped with automatic teller machines (atms) postal savings of 10 units, establish networking site 31, the post office always balance reached 3.319 billion yuan, a green card annual volumes of 20000 pieces, by the agent of the postal savings continue business including insurance, substituting pension, payroll, agency debt, collection &payment various charges, etc., business shows diversified development trend, to meet the growing demand of financial services of urban and rural residents has made a contribution. On May 30, 2008, was established as the postal savings bank of China branch, specialized management on the postal savings business. (2) an express mail. Postal service express delivery (EMS) founded by the universal postal union, are protected by national laws, shipping and customs customs examination priority, is the fastest and safest special postal services. As shouguang first express delivery enterprise, EMS has been adhering to the "global" with all my heart, at full speed, the core of the service concept, service scope expands unceasingly. As the backbone nodes for weifang aviation network open all night, has been launched in the province of the foyer, domestic "pass" the next day, the international high-quality goods services such as "prompt", at the same time provide "cod", "the recipient pays", "valet declaration" and other value-added services, users in various economic activities, cultural undertakings have convenient communication and correspondence. In 2009, the national express logistics reform, shouguang postal express delivery business weifang shouguang postal-delivery logistics company sales management. Shouguang postal agent 2010 domestic express business volume reached 132800. (3) the newspaper. Shouguang post newspaper distribution business is to use the postal communication network to newspapers, magazines, sent to the readers in the form of subscriptions or retail. Since 2006, the subscription business adhere to the "perennial subscribing and rolling development" delivering the policy of issuing business income increased year by year. Shouguang postal DingXiao newspapers accumulated throughout the year 2010, 13.86 million, 303000 DingXiao magazine. (4) logistics distribution. Logistics distribution business is China's postal service for the general customers to provide warehousing, transportation, distribution, packaging, freight forwarders, the cod and other multi-functional, integration of third-party logistics services. Shouguang have already been established in the city post office for distribution centers, 31 in town (street) w.t.robey as the backbone, nearly 200 postal "agriculture, rural areas and farmers service station" and "home of NongYou", for the postal service "three rural" endings platform, in accordance with the "unified logo, unified purchase, unified distribution, unified management, unified service, unified price" business model, implements the point-to-point for farmers, door to door delivery. Hire "agriculture, rural areas and farmers service station" for a long time, at the same time or factory technicians on a regular basis to visit agronomists towns (street) for product promotion, the professor scientific planting and breeding method, accept consulting farmers, make the postal logistics become important agricultural materials market circulation channels and business brand is deeply trusted by farmers. (5) collecting stamps. Business is operating the postage stamp collecting PiaoPin, philatelic collection, stamp collecting supplies a postal service. Shouguang post according to the reality of the exhibition economy where large market potential, formulated the "comprehensive planning, system development, in order to be made, gain sales" marketing solutions, develop new themes, develop marketable philatelic collection. For 11 consecutive years from 2000 to 2010, the development of China (shouguang) international vegetable science and technology exposition special anniversary, mail, in 2010 and made the shouguang QinLian character profile, for Wang Boxiang, Wang Leyi, Cui Xiaojie, Yin Guoliang four QinLian characters developed a personalized stamps. (6) electronic remittance. Shouguang launched on July 1, 2001 postal postal electronic remittance, send the original use of physical transmission network draft instead of using electronic information transfer, transfer time than the original speed up greatly. At present, the postal remittance services are: arriving in real time, 2 hours, 24 hours to arrive, and the account of the remittance, post huitong and remittance business, etc. Electronic transfers, to satisfy the user demand for the timeliness and diversity of business, greatly facilitate the users, business increased year by year, completed by 2006, 2006, 2010 up to 138000. (7) direct mail advertising. Direct mail advertising basic types of business letters, business postage postcards, mail delivery in advertising, etc., because the direct mail advertising has low cost, strong pertinence, publicity area wide, long duration, achieved fast and other characteristics, has been accepted by all walks of life quickly. Shouguang postal combining with the characteristics of the city market and development potential, established development goals, set the development of specific measures, namely "prior research, analysis, solution" of the "three to" measures, promoted shouguang correspondence business steady development, business development to 2010 letters, 6.821 million, 4.45 million pieces of mail ads.

   【 construction of spiritual civilization Shouguang postal always adhere to the  don't relax vigorously promotes the service and spirit construction, put the shift work style, improve the quality of service as the starting point of the work and the foothold, commitment launched 10 social service, the public accept social supervision. Carried out "delivery construction year", "improve the quality of service, allows users satisfied" and other activities. Hired more than 110 social postal inspectors in the city, to take out consultation opinion letter, on-site visit and other forms, multi-channel collect opinions and Suggestions, please users to post their "recrimination ugliness", played the effect to improve the quality of service. During the period of "11th five-year plan", as the post office has been shouguang municipal party committee, municipal government awarded the "outstanding political work enterprise", "advanced grass-roots party organizations", the home of "advanced worker", "safe vegetables township to build advanced unit" honor, was weifang municipal party committee, municipal government awarded the "garden unit", "keep the contract heavy credit enterprise", "high quality service of advanced collective", "weifang labor relation harmonious enterprise" honor, provincial postal service, postal union awarded "top ten county bureau", "excellent marketing team," by the provincial Wen Mingwei awarded "civilized demonstration site" in the industry.

   【 postal universal service Shouguang postal industry seriously implement the postal law of the People's Republic of China, the letters, for not more than five kilograms of printed matter, one-piece weight not more than 10 kilograms of package materials and providing universal postal services, postal remittances shall be performed in accordance with the provisions of the state confidential communications, regulations of the state, the issue of newspaper and conscripts ordinary letters, books for the blind and the revolutionary martyrs relics of free deliver and other special services. For the past five years, as the post office to provide normal mail deliver 57600, parcel deliver 133668 pieces of electronic exchange 625000, 760 for export confidential, DingXiao press, 58.63 million.

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