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   On August 23 of 2015, the 22nd international science conference held in shandong jinan University, this is the first time the conference held in Asian countries. The international conference on history of science is one of the largest international event history effects today, known as "Olympics" of history. At the conference, found that bone carving Yu Shouguang first boarded the stage of world history, and as a shouguang bone carving shouguang article research and conservation of promoters, the municipal party committee party history research director - Zhao Shouxiang also wasinvited to attended the event.
   According to Zhao Shouxiang, text generation and use is an important symbol of human civilization origin, previously, China is one of the earliest mature text found guizhang, oracle is the words of the late shang dynasty, more than three thousand years ago, at the same time also found that there are a lot of shang dynasty bronze cast a clear inscriptions, this shows that the existing mature writing during the period of shang dynasty. "Text generation and development, has a long history of evolution process, from the literature handed down from ancient times and the shang dynasty to infer, around four thousand of the xia dynasty also had more mature text, in the last century, were unearthed in shouguang with some unknown symbols of bone, probably is a precursor to oracle.
   Bone carving, just as its name implies is to point to in depicting symbols on animal bones, pictographic text or graphics. In 2005, discovered and named by shandong university professor Liu Fengjun professor, professor liu think bone carving is one of the origins of oracle, formed using about between 4600 ~ 4600 years ago, is a strong indication of splendid Chinese civilization culture in 5000. And 26 in the history of the world scientific assembly workshop, professor Liu Fengjun was done to the discovery of the "bone carving article" as the theme of the speech, cause the attention of many Chinese and foreign scholars, Zhao Shouxiang as our research and conservation of bone carving, promoters, invited to attended the event, and issued to the participants book book HuaWenZu changjie in himself. (ji fang fang)