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   On April 21, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Zhao Xuchun met with wanda group of east China area general manager sun jian a line, the two sides have talked about the wanda plaza in shouguang. Vice mayor Song Zhihu participated.
   Zhao Xuchun said, wanda group as a leader in the field of commercial real estate, enjoys high reputation all over the country and the world, is a admirable enterprise. Shouguang, as one of the counties throughout the country, economic development level is higher, common people life rich, by the end of March 2015, the balance of 81.81 billion yuan. Wanda group intention in shouguang wanda plaza, is a long-awaited shouguang developing opportunity, our city will actively cooperate with the relevant departments, in the case of a lawful and reasonable support to improve wanda group, efforts to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.
   During the meeting, sun jian introduced the basic situation and wanda commercial real estate company investment philosophy. Shouguang, he said, a good economic and social development, the social consumption level is high, had a very good development potential. If in shouguang wanda square will be an updated version of weifang wanda square, is a new, high-tech, will cover the electronic commerce, the collection of online interaction as one of the big shopping centers, the proportion of consumer experience projects will reach more than 60%. Next, wanda group will actively promote the project progress, and strive to continue making shouguang to be the first county-level city in wanda square.