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  On January 31, organized by the xinhua news agency and xinhua net, the contractor "2014 city people's livelihood construction and people's livelihood guarantee top BBS and" model city of national excellent the well-being of the conference held in Beijing, the activity theme of "build the happy homeland", after the early stage of the network for review, expert analysis, media monitoring link, at the zhuhai formally was named the first batch of "top ten" model city of the national people's livelihood improvement, also honored in Lhasa, guiyang, changzhi, baoji, mianyang, chuzhou city, the city's ecological construction, environmental protection and other work experience through VCR feature films in the conference; Daqing city at the same time, more than 40 cities, such as zhongshan, lanshan district, wing model won the national excellent the well-being of the city. Deputy chairman of the standing committee of the tenth National People's Congress (NPC), China closes working committee director gu attend BBS and delivered an important speech.

  In recent years, especially since 2014, the zhuhai closely around the "construction quality shouguang, create a better life" general requirements, established the shouguang "let people live more beautiful" the ultimate goal, continue to increase investment in the people's livelihood, do the people's livelihood in priority, the people's livelihood project priority scheduling, priority to solve "three priorities" of the people's livelihood, the people's livelihood in 2014 reached 2014 yuan, accounting for 65% of the financial expenditure. Zhuhai as to speed up the construction of ecological civilization in the work of transformation and improve the livelihood of the people's important gripper, constantly increase the intensity of ecological environment protection and governance, vigorously promote the development of green development, circulation, low carbon development, realize the interactive integration of economic and social development and the construction of ecological civilization, synchronous ascension.

  By grasping investment, strict management, to create "new normal" the blue sky, blue water comprehensively promote the "blue sky project", "water project", "beautiful village project" and so on the ecological protection project, has carried out more than 300 atmospheric pollution control projects, forced to shut down 237 all kinds of pollution enterprises, set up 60 square kilometers of the city of the combustion zone, with "zero tolerance" attitude consists car renovation, advance ZhaJiu in accordance with the law of more than 15000 vehicles, air quality days increase 18 days in 2014; "Clear water project", the key planning a total investment of 1 billion yuan "big water" project, to fully play the Yellow River, the Yangtze river water, river water, rain floods, industrial water "five water should be" combination of urban and rural sewage "zero emissions" project has realized the full coverage, won the national only water technology demonstration city "" China - Israel; "Beautiful country", in the construction of a year out of more than 9000 ten thousand yuan as the operation cost, for the city's 975 village administrators, cleaner, all equipped with the village in the province took the lead to achieve the integration of sanitation of 100% coverage.

  Through grasp development, superior environment, building green livable "new life". Successively invested 2 billion yuan, the implementation of the wetland water, wetland water, farmland to wet, wetland conservation, pollution emission reduction and so on five big ecological engineerings, the investment of 1.2 billion yuan of double city reservoir, investment 480 million yuan 豢? lake lake issue 12 project has been completed, such as improved ecological restoration. Started with a total investment of 720 million yuan in "three ten thousand mu ecological forest farm, 70000 acres of wetlands transform, such as green promotion project, determine the 34 permanent protection of green space, at present the forestland area of 630000 mu, green coverage rate reached 25.3%, city green coverage rate reached 44.9%.

   Through readjustment, promote transformation, to build low carbon environmental protection "new model". Industry, adhere to the bird in a cage, machine room substitution, science and technology in the core, electricity in the city "four in hand", accelerate the transformation from extensive growth to the connotation of ascension; Agriculture and the implementation of "breakthrough" on both ends, vigorously implement the "fertile soil engineering", the improved each year more than 50000 mu, the city has 12 independent breeding research and development ability of enterprises, develop a 41 with independent intellectual property rights of new varieties of rice and vegetables vegetable seed breeding capacity of 1.4 billion strains; Vigorously support the development of the third industry, to break through the headquarters economy, creative design, e-commerce and other modern service industry, the successful launch China shouguang vegetable index, total retail sales of social consumer goods 9 years in a row to keep more than 15% of the growth, to realize the service industry development speed, improve quality, increase. (Wang Jingkun)