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   on November 4, the reporter walked into Chengming thermal power plant, coal transportation vehicles coming and going with little dust. Two big round blue buildings stand in the compound, this is the new closed-end automation controlling thermal power plant, the circular coal, is the province's first industry from transport storage to delivery into the whole process of enclosed coal boiler. Chenming Liu Cheng of thermal power plant, told reporters that since this year, chenming group of coal upgrading, make the factory coal coal from transportation, unloading and loading process closed management, automatic clean operation, not only save a lot of for the enterprise production cost, and improve the atmospheric environment around coal well quality.
   Chenming thermal power plant's environmental transformation is just a microcosm of chenming group in recent years, environmental modification. In recent years, chenming group always adhere to the "low carbon, green, cycle" the guiding ideology, the pollution control as an enterprise of "life project" to grasp, closely rely on scientific and technological innovation, fully implementing cleaner production and resource recycling. Our total investment of 4 billion yuan, the introduction of the current world's most advanced environmental protection technology, supporting the construction of the alkali recovery, ZhongDuanShui, water reuse and other environmental protection projects.
   To strengthen the source control and reduce the pollution loadIn recent years, with the shouguang accumulative total investment of nearly 30 billion yuan, aiming at the international advanced level, on the lightweight coated paper, coated paper, white cardboard, newsprint, paper of life writing line, supporting the construction of mechanism for pulp, waste pulp, such as pulping line, major equipment are imported from the international first-class papermaking machinery company, make sure the project on high technological content, good economic benefits, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution. At present, shouguang headquarters proportion of high-grade products, more than 90%, raw material structure adjustment accordingly, homemade all chemical pulp line raw material instead of wood.
   Strengthen the process management Enhance the level of environmental protectionFocus on improve the level of governance, save water, reduce waste water discharge, system implementation in the production of the company quality, weight, division of sequence, process of "monohydrate is multi-purpose" scientific plan, strengthen the recycling of water. And gray water recycle test, combined with professional departments to conquer the suspended solids, high chromaticity, a number of technical difficulties. More successful find a economically reasonable and technically reliable wastewater advanced treatment of pulping and papermaking of reuse.
   Strengthen the comprehensive utilization To promote circular economyCompany unswervingly implement the optimized allocation of resources, energy, and constitutes a "resources - products - renewable resources" of the three large cycle economy chain: "Lin - paper - renewable fiber" endless chain. In order to reduce the degree of dependence on the international pulp, reduce the risk of raw materials, to keep balance of capacity expansion with the resources to support the sound development momentum, chenming group unswervingly implement forest paper integration strategy, has subsidiaries located in guangdong, hubei, jiangxi development material base of more than 200 ten thousand acres. Of thermal power plant ash, slag and other waste to strengthen comprehensive utilization, form a complete set on the cement and new building materials factory, make the "gold" ash, slag, has achieved considerable economic benefits and social benefits. "Waste paper - making, power generation" endless chain will papermaking sludge, biogas, industrial waste and other waste processed into, or used in the production of compound fertilizer, suitable for crops or to generate power, alternative energy, and eliminate the impact on the environment.