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   On October 1st, is called "history's most severe" new "food safety" effect. The new law, at the same time, coincides with creating national food safety the critical period of the city, thus creating a favorable environment, food safety is not only the important measure to build the brand image of "food help ShouGuang", also is to let people eat peace of mind of reassuring purchase action.

   In recent years, the city has been to create "food help ShouGuang" as the goal, this and create a national food safety action of the city. So far, the our city market regulation increasingly sound organization system, improve supervision and law enforcement ability, implement enterprise's main body responsibility gradually, improve emergency management, social and work comprehensive advancement, create the national food safety city target most has been completed, part of the create index task is in the all-round.

   Then, what is the aim of our city to participate in creating? Create a food safety city and what are the benefits for the public? According to the market supervision bureau chief introduction, our city had offered three create the target, including: city food safety overall health, especially in food and food products, edible oil, vegetables, fruits, meat and meat products, eggs, aquatic products, dairy products, health food and other major food and advocate complementary foods for infants and young children, and other specific populations of the security situation, steady at higher levels. Establish and improve the food safety regulatory system, a complete coverage of regulatory enforcement implementation, improvement of food safety problems effectively. And the public at all levels of government and relevant departments of food safety measures high recognition, higher overall satisfaction about the present situation of food safety.

   Works according to staff, combined with the city and the new "food safety", the following information is closely related to ordinary people, "the producers or marketers of receiving customer claims for compensation shall first bear responsibility system, first pay, must not shuffle; the responsibility lies with the producer, the operator shall have the right to recover from the producer after compensation; the responsibility lies with the operator, producer after compensation shall have the right to recourse against the operators." Staff said that production is not in conformity with the food safety standards or business is knowing that do not conform to the food safety standards, consumers in addition to the indemnification, can also from the producer or operator is required to pay the price ten times as much as three times the damages or losses.

   "Create a national food safety city acceptance test group will be in the near future to our city, create work time and heavy task, need common involved in the regulation of the whole society." Staff said, if it is found that food safety criminal behavior and the clues of the case, can call 12331 complain inform against, "scouts" model for food safety problem, the problem of food nowhere to hide. (Shan YuJun   Wu Zhihai  Meng Chun)