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   Recently, agriculture Ann townships blocks and agriculture administration law enforcement law enforcement squadron, a total of more than 70 agricultural law enforcement officers formed four law enforcement team came to town before the wangs Tian Liu zhuangzi testing situation of vegetables quality and safety.

   4 law enforcement team under the guidance of several village head respectively, turn into the villagers of greenhouse vegetables sampling. Reporter followed a group of law enforcement personnel into the villagers Wang Guangming greenhouses, greenhouse in tomatoes, execute the law personnel randomly picked a few, in a plastic bag and then expertly record number. "Tomato spray insecticide, rarely in the studio work tired, I will pick several wipe directly to eat, nothing to worry about." For sampling, Wang Guangming's wife did very confident, also expressed support, "testing the za tomato safety, got talent will be more."

   Morning, the reporter to follow the law enforcement team has carried on the sampling to 13 greenhouse vegetables, the rest three groups of sampling number are also more than a dozen, sampling, vegetables are tomatoes, pepper, etc. "No one in the greenhouse, so can't sampling, we come again another day, the village more than 100 greenhouses, one also cannot little." Agriculture office workers say, except in January and February and December need sampling on two evaluated integratedly greenhouse vegetables, the rest of the month, they will choose a monthly town neighborhood, and then through the way of lottery, select a village, village vegetable greenhouses for checking.

   Fully implemented this year agricultural materials real-name system

We have learned, since 2015, the city agriculture Ann do law enforcement organization of agricultural administrative law enforcement and towns block squadron has to Wen Gu streets, dragon town, ji town, Sun Guji street town for vegetables, rice paddies directional orientation sampling, sampling from 254.

   "The next step, we will be carried out in accordance with the plan of the city's greenhouse vegetables sampling observation, put an end to the problem of vegetables." Farmers Ann do researchers said, the city's new 2015 "measures for the administration of shouguang vegetable quality and safety testing, the requirements for measuring the sample no less than 96900, more than 8500 qualitative quantitative detection. This year the city has been increasing financial input, agricultural products detection system to consummate gradually.

   According to reporter understanding, to regulate pesticide management, ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, this year, our city will be all agricultural materials store in the city, to promote agricultural materials the system service platform. At present, the system platform has 15 evaluated integratedly area in the city 466 agricultural materials stores run installation. Within the new platform, agricultural capital owner can enjoy real benefit through the system platform, the competent departments may to background monitoring of pesticide usage in the city, "who bought what medicine, how much to buy, the background you can see clearly." (Fu Bingchuan  Kou Yong Chun)