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   On March 17, vice mayor of Qingdao Xu Zhenxi a line of 40 people, to visit our city highway important nodes and the provincial trunk highway greening and highway construction of key projects, and a talk. Weifang and our leadership ming-liang sun, Pan Jiang, accompanied by strong armed, an-wen wang, etc.
   In recent years, the zhuhai according to "extend the depth of understanding, raise the level of technology and optimize the structure of road network, road construction driving the development of general highway construction" with the backbone of the train of thought, accumulative total investment of 2.55 billion yuan new XiuGaiJian rural road 2017 kilometers, launched the rural highway investment plan in three years. So far, the city's road traffic total mileage of 3848 kilometers, oil road mileage of 3099 kilometers, and gradually build the roads and provincial roads, county and village highways connected, are one of the modernization of road network structure.
   The lambs high-tech industrial park, tongda expressway construction situation, bring out the best in each other's greening landscape zone design got unanimous approval and favorable comment of the delegation. According to introducing, in accelerating the construction of the road and at the same time, our city firmly establish a "construction is the development, maintenance and management and development, and sustainable development" concept, in 15 towns (street) to set up the maintenance station, personnel arrangement, designed to catch cleave and township roads within the jurisdiction of the daily maintenance and management; A year on main line, county rural road maintenance fees of 65 million yuan, the implementation of road maintenance engineering 570 km; Investment of more than 350 ten thousand yuan to build the province's largest transportation at the county level public information platform, to maintain the road way, prolong the service life of the road. At present the city's comprehensive maintenance quality rate of good roads always stay above 95%.
   This year, the city plans to invest 160 million yuan, the comprehensive control on the domestic highway. Plans to invest 1.4 billion yuan, will broaden the upgraded to a level road, and in the life of a 30 km north new high-grade huanhai highway, at present, the life of the road reconstruction project preparatory work basically ready, will start construction in the near future.
   After the visit, Xu Zhenxi experience is highly of our city, think of our city traffic comprehensive development, strong, are leading in the province and the national level, these are worthy of our learning. Will learn from the our city experience, strengthen the management of road maintenance work, constantly optimize the expressway integrated stability, embody in the fruits of highway construction convenient support economic development and meet the demand of society and people travel.