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   On the afternoon of July 23, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor- Zhao Xuchun, municipal committee, deputy mayor in the weifang institute of science and technology, special investigation regarding the current situation of the development of software park located enterprises. Wu Changjun, deputy party secretary and deputy dean, vice secretary of municipal service center of dalian, college party committee Liu Xiushen accompanied by research.
   Zhao Xuchun on-the-spot investigation in anhui three unitary electronic commerce co., LTD., and other enterprises, listened to the related staff report, ask for details of the operation of enterprise development and tax status. Zhao Xuchun pointed out that the software will continue to play a role of a good service platform, provides the omni-directional service for college students in enterprises and entrepreneurs, and at the same time to "entrepreneurship and innovation in weifang institute of science and technology" as an opportunity to fully exploit all kinds of effective resources, strengthen the entrepreneurial innovation talent training and guidance, promote the "public entrepreneurship, peoples innovation", creating new engine for economic development.